Q: 2 Months Update

I’m a bit very late with this post as the first month of Q’s life was pretty hectic and I couldn’t really blog an awful lot!  So, we’ll start with his first two months and go from there…  As with my updates on O’s development, I’ll be writing monthly (from now) updates for Q’s first two years.  They grow and change so quickly when they’re so young!

You were born on the 9th March 2016 at 06:58am, weighing 8lb 7oz.  You looked just like your big brother the day he was born too; fair hair, big blue eyes and a gorgeous button nose.  The first few days of your life were full of ups and downs.  We were discharged from hospital the day after you were born and we were so happy to be back home as a new family of four.

You were born with a tongue tie and jaundice, just like your big brother O.  We managed to get your tongue tie diagnosed and sorted very quickly which was a huge relief.  In turn, this has led to establishing good feeding techniques and I’m so happy with how we’re doing.  Unfortunately, your jaundice levels continued to increase which led to another hospital stay when you were only 4 days old.  You were put under the lights for 18 hours and taken to the Special Care Baby Unit for testing.  Thankfully, the levels started to decrease at a rate the paediatrician was happy with and we were allowed home, agreeing to return to the children’s ward for weekly tests.


The first week you were home, it took you a little while to get used to your Moses basket.  You still prefer to fall asleep whilst feeding or cuddling Mummy or Daddy, and we’re savouring those moments just now.  You like to be swaddled and covered with a blanket, and generally sleep very well through the night.  You’ve even had a handful of 5-hour stints which are particularly impressive for a teeny baby!  When you were only 2 and a half weeks old, you caught a cold (as we all did, thanks O for sharing!) which led to some pretty snuffly nights.

You spend most of your time asleep, either in your pram, basket or my arms, and when you’re not asleep you’re eating, being changed or in the bath.  You’re now in a regular routine of sharing a bath with your big brother O at around 6:30-7pm each evening before you get dried, into your pj’s and fed.  Other than that, you don’t seem to stick to much of a routine.  You seem to like to nap in the morning once your big brother is at school and stay sleeping until around lunch time.  Then you’re awake for a change, feed and maybe a little play on your play mat.  You love to look in the mirror at yourself!

You’ve been on a few day trips out now, including bowling, the Aquarium and the local museum.  As long as you’re fed and winded, you’re happy to be pushed around in your pram!  At our 6 week check, we were told you had an umbilical hernia.  I had just presumed you struggled to get rid of your trapped wind but this explains why you often cry out in pain.  Although, you did start to smile during your play times when you were 6 weeks old.  You love to watch your big brother O prancing about and being silly.  His slightly bizarre rendition of ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star’ leaves you amazed by him.

I can’t believe you’re now 2 months old.  It doesn’t seem like we’ve had you that long, but I now can’t imagine life without you.  It’s funny how you’ve just found your slot within our family!  We’re all really enjoying our cuddles and kisses and love getting to know you.  Looking forward to seeing you grow!

Love you lots like jelly tots, Mummy xx