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Published Works by Michelle Curtis

This list includes a sampling of my published writing:


Mykie Writes It showcases my poetry, short stories and other creative work and includes information on the freelance services I offer.

The Zebra Pit Spoonie Health and Wellness Blog. Owner/Author writing under the pen name “Capricious Lestrange.” August 2015 to present.

Carving Out a Voice; A Literary Experiment. A former literature blog that published from March 2010 to November 2013.

Articles and Posts:

“Tips for Couples Who Both Have a Disability.” Graphic Organic. Nov 15, 2019.

“Interview October – Michelle Curtis.” There is Always Hope. Oct 1, 2019.

“Are Most Spoonies Suffering from MCAD?” Unspoken Words of the Heart. Aug 23, 2019.

“How Myofascial Therapies Helped Relieve My Fibromyalgia Symptoms” There is Always Hope. July 20, 2019.

“Are Steroids Safe?” The Zebra Pit. June 17, 2019.

“What is Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome?” The Zebra Pit. May 6, 2019.

“Dysautonomia and Achieving a Better Quality of Life Through Exercise,” as Capricious Lestrange. The Unchargeables, October 2, 2018.

“Natural Treatments for Gastroparesis, Part Two,” as Capricious Lestrange. The Unchargeables, August 18, 2018.

“Natural Treatments for Gastroparesis, Part One,” as Capricious Lestrange. The Unchargeables, August, 17, 2018.

“Chargie Story: How Capricious Found Her Answers,” as Capricious Lestrange. The Unchargeables, August 6, 2018.


“Training Wheels,” Kentucky’s Best Emerging Poets 2019: An Anthology. Z Publishing House. Pg. 97. November 28, 2019.

“Infinity by Eights” and “The Pianist,”as Capricious Lestrange in Tea and Cake for the Soul, October 4, 2018.

“Poems by Capricious: A Chargie Speaks of Pain” featuring four poems, “Head Pain,” “Agony,” “Genetic Stalker,” and “Capricious” as Capricious Lestrange. The Unchargeables, September 5, 2018.

“Trajectory of the Civilized,” Beneath the Tin Foil Hat. March 28, 2012.…

“Floating,” Ginger Piglet. Issue 2. February, 2012.

“Gunned Down in Church,” Protest Poems. November, 2010.

“Living South of the River,” The Gnu. National University Press. October, 2010.

Fiction & Literary Non-Fiction:

Shackled Freedom. MFA Thesis, historical fiction. National University Press. July 8, 2010.

“Why Cutting My Lawn Makes Me Nauseated,” Voice It! July 21, 2011.

Literary Review:

“Book Review:’Salt in My Soul’ by Mallory Smith,” The Zebra Pit. June 3, 2019.

“’A Light in the Darkness’ by Lisa Sniderman,” The Zebra Pit. December 8, 2018.

“’This Inquisition Yours’ by Jen Currin,” Lambda Literary Review. May 16, 2011.…

“’Homeschooling’ by Carol Guess,” Lambda Literary Review. March 8, 2011.…

“’Joy is so Exhausting’ by Susan Holbrook,” Lambda Literary Review. November 30, 2010.…

“Carol Guess Talks Music and Mystery,” Lambda Literary Review. November 2, 2010.…


Creative Writing MFA (Fiction), National University. 2010.  GPA 3.675

Women’s Studies BA, minor in Creative Writing (Poetry). Bowling Green State University. 2003. GPA 3.80

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