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Eating Fiber to Lose Weight
Fiber is very important for any balanced diet. Also, fiber helps us to lose weight. 1.
Because high fiber foods fill us up WITHOUT making us fat. 2. Because, as fiber
passes through our system it takes some of our undigested fat with it. In addition, the
presence of fiber (e.g. in fruit) helps to slow down the absorption of sugar into our
bloodstream. This helps stabilize our blood sugar levels and is believed to help
reduce cravings. Both these benefits assist weight control. Healthy high fiber foods
include: oat bran, beans, legumes, many fruits like bananas, apples & berries; raw
vegetables, whole wheat bread/pasta wholegrain bread, brown rice.
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Does Your Star Sign Influence Your Weight?
Do the planets control your weight? Does your zodiac star sign make dieting and
weight reduction easier or more difficult for you? What type of weight loss plan is best
if you are a Taurean dieter? What foods help Capricorn women to lose weight and
regain their shape?

How to Look Thinner Without Dieting!
We all know that diet and exercise is the best approach in order to improve our
shape and make it leaner. But is there an easier way?
Answer: Yes, there is! Choose clothes that make you LOOK thinner!!
What to Wear To Give yourself a Leaner Look
1. Go Monochrome! Monochromatic dressing – wearing just one color from head
to toe – is the favorite trick of virtually every fashion editor and stylist. Two colors
break the body in half and a lighter color on the bottom makes you look
bottom-heavy. One dark color creates a longer, leaner look. Black is the most
slimming color, but any dark color is good.
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Male Weight Loss…
Weight loss and maintenance companies are finding that there is a
sizeable upside market opportunity in targeting males. Are men becoming
more aware of weight and related health issues?
Of course they are…. and they are Prothinspoer’s just as much as the
Women Prothinspoer’s out there. I have read arguments which say that a
woman committing to losing weight must give up her right to be taken
seriously, as she is clearly self-obsessed and shallow. I’m also aware
that a man carrying at least a few stone too many, at the risk of serious
health complications, would simply be seen as quite sensible for taking
action. To say that women can be considered intelligent only if they
completely ignore their body seems to take the idea that women’s bodies
define us to its apotheosis.I guess the key to making the whole thing less
hateful is…. Let us not call everyone who wants to lose weight and look
great “anorexic”…. let us just call them Prothinspoian.
Click here for the top ten male body choices from Prothinspo viewers ….

But before indulging she stops and asks herself, “What am I feeling?” Even if she tosses back a Hydrox
or two, she can now distinguish between eating to fill her stomach and eating to appease her heart.
Learning the difference helped her lose — and keep off — 30 pounds she’d dragged around for years. “I live
the Solution every day,” she says..
… click here to read the rest.
Whether you’re looking to lose a little unwanted weight or a lot, there’s always room for some extra
assistance in your diet and workout plan. That’s why people coast to coast will be able to turn to
Hydroxycut to support their weight-loss goals. Add
Prothinspo Hydrox to your diet and workout plan to get
the fat-loss results you deserve. Real Science, Real Results! It doesn’t matter what your goals are… This
product is designed to help you get fat-loss results when combined with diet and exercise. Studies show
that this product is the most effective weight loss product on the market.
Prothinspo has always maintained the lowest price available for this product on the market today!!
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Track your diet dude! Frankly, I’m puzzled whenever I hear this from somebody who’s frustrated with
their lack of gains:Me: So what are you eating? How many calories per day and how many do you need?
Them: I don’t know. I just eat.Huh?Yes, it’s true. People don’t track their diets, don’t calculate their
calories and just guess at what they need. They have no idea where they are going, very little facts on
how to get there and yet are frustrated and mad when 6 weeks later they don’t see the results.
Imagine, for a moment, that’s it’s 6-months from today. And you’ve made no progress. Wouldn’t you be
frustrated?! I sure would.
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Chinese medicine considers obesity to be partly the result of declining function of the
metabolic fire of the kidney network and a diet that provides a well-balanced array of
nutrients is the key to losing weight in a healthy way. What follows are five foods that
will help you restore your body’s ability to use energy and help you become your healthy
1. Millet: A well-balanced diet should consist of whole grains instead of refined grains
like white rice and pasta, and millet is a beneficial and delicious staple of this category
of food. This non-glutinous grain is over 10-percent protein, has high amounts of fiber
and B-complex vitamins, and because it isn’t an acid forming food, is easy to digest.
2. Asparagus: When losing weight, it’s important to favor chlorophyll-rich foods,
including asparagus. Asparagus is a nutrient-rich vegetable packed with folate,
vitamins A, C, and K, and fiber. Asparagus also contains a carbohydrate known as inulin
(not to be confused with insulin) that promotes healthy bacteria in the large intestine –
which in turn promotes a healthier digestive function.
3. Pomegranates: Eating a balanced diet to lose weight should include eating fresh
fruits, and pomegranates are a wonderful example of a healthy, nutritious fruit that has
antioxidant properties and will help prevent cancer. While the benefits of drinking
pomegranate juice have gained a lot of attention recently, you will be more likely to lose
weight by eating the fruit fresh to increase your fiber intake and keep the calories down.
4. Pine Nuts: Pine nuts are the edible seeds of pine trees and are considered an
essential ingredient in the tasty Italian mixture pesto. Chinese medicine uses pine nuts
to improve gastrointestinal tract and digestive functions, and pine nut oil is even used
for appetite suppression. Pine nuts and other nuts are a tasty part of a well-balanced
diet intended for weight loss.
5. Green Tea: It has been found that consuming large amounts of coffee and caffeine
can lead to food cravings, increase one’s appetite, and induce stress-related eating.
Green tea is a wonderful alternative to coffee in that it does provide a little caffeine but
also contains beneficial antioxidants. So drink up!
A healthy diet also includes lean proteins like chicken breast, legumes such as lentils,
and other whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.  for more tips … click here.

Questions such as how can I lose 1 pound a week? or how can I lose more than 2
pounds a week are answered on this page. Remember that weight loss is a 1
pound at a time reality. Unfortunately it takes some more time for others to drop
those ugly pounds, and that when it come off slowly or not at all it can be very
Click here to read how to lose a pound, 2lbs or 3lbs in a week faster.
If this isn’t fast enough for you, try this to help you achieve your goals a little faster
than normal.
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There are many articles that talked about the bad effects of coffee to our health; one said
consuming more than 200 mg of coffee can even cause miscarriage in women. That can be
true. But do you know that coffee is one of the healthiest foods/beverages? Confusing huh?!
It doesn’t only perk us up in the morning but it may actually lower the risk of diabetes,
Parkinson’s disease, mood problems, stimulates brain and nervous system and it even
lower the risk of having teeth cavities.
Coffee contains caffeine which serves as stimulant and other beneficial substance
including chlorogenic acid ” a compound in the antioxidant family which improves glucose
metabolism. Magnesium is also present; this mineral is responsible for improving insulin
sensitivity and enhances glucose tolerance. To enjoy your cup of coffee each morning you
have to consume it in moderation.
Now you can lose weight and enjoy your coffee at the
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No that is not a typo.. I mean Hemp! Talk about all natural weight loss
with a miracle healing herb. This is not new that Hemp is great for
healing but there is more to this bud then you think..  You can take
this as directed and watch weight drop off and feel better too.
By taking Hemp as directed, expect to be hunger free until
mid-afternoon… or some even later in the day..Expect reduced
cravings for foods with stimulants, sugars, starches and saturated
fats. It decreases these needs in an amazing way. Which helps you
to make better food choices.
You can safely opt for food choices that are fruit, salads and
vegetables knowing that with Hemp you have already consumed all
of the essential fats, proteins and most vitamins and other nutrients
necessary for promoting good health. With less hunger you will less
frequently desire starches and carbohydrates. Prothinspo tester’s
reported losing up to one- two pounds a day.
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Doutzen Krous is one of my favorite
Victoria Secret Models.. I like her arms..
Many women talk about wanting thin and
toned arms as they are unhappy with
their current wobbly triceps. In this post
I’ll go over some of the myths
concerning this type of training as well
as looking at some of the ways to try and
achieve this.
Myths about getting thin and toned arms
The women’s fitness industry is full of so
many fibs and false informations that
sometimes I feel like throwing my
computer into the wall! However, I am
determined to make Real Women’s full of quality, fresh and
helpful information so as to combat all
these myths.
As aforementioned, many women want
thin arms. And, sadly, many companies
try to capitalize off of this desire and
women wind up getting hurt or
Click here for more about
getting thinner arms fast, and photos.

I love Sara Paxton I wish she were more
famous and I could see her more often
on the big screen and in magazines.
Who is she? Sara Paxton (born April 25,
1988) is an American actress and singer.
She grew up in California and began
acting at an early age, appearing in many
minor roles in both films and television
shows, before coming to wider renown
in 2004, after playing the title role in the
series Darcy’s Wild Life and Sarah
Borden in Summerland. Paxton has also
starred in the films Sleepover,
Aquamarine, Return to Halloweentown,
The Last House on the Left, Sydney
White, and Superhero Movie… Here are
her most recent bikini photos from the
beach. I must say her body is amazing,
but I miss the long blonde hair.
Something about the hair with her body
and face totally worked all in all for her
Anyway, click here to see her bikini

Fantasy Turned Reality: Kylie Bisutti On Winning
Victoria’s Secret’s Modeling Contest… Kylie
Bisutti has fantasized about becoming a Victoria’s
Secret model ever since she was a little girl. Last
Tuesday, the Nevada native’s dreams came true
when she was named the winner of the company’
s first-ever model search after appearing on their
televised fashion show striding down the catwalk
in a black jewel-encrusted bra and panties. In an
exclusive interview with PEOPLE, Bisutti shares
her excitement. “When Heidi Klum announced my
name, I was speechless. I couldn’t even believe
it!” The 19 year-old describes her odyssey, which
began when her mother-in-law first tipped her off
about the contest: “When I found out about the
casting call I did double-time at the gym. In
October, they [Victoria’s Secret] saw 10,000 girls
across the U.S., narrowed it down to ten, and flew
us to New York. We had to compete for three
weeks and live together in a loft downtown.
America voted it down to five, then two, and
voted again and chose the winners.” The
newlywed laughs about how she’s been
rehearsing her strut at home, “Whenever I’m at
our house, even if I’m just going to brush my
teeth or to get something out of the fridge, I’m
always practicing my runway walk,” she admits.
Look out for more of Bisutti in the next Victoria’s
Secret catalog.. in the meantime check out the
photos of her behind the scenes.
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It seems lately nobody can compete with Alessandra
Ambrosio when it comes to bikini pictures, she’s
like Santa Clause  or a  true blond asian chick, she’s
not real… Just kidding she is real and works hard at
her body. Doing a
colon cleanser 4x a year with a
cleanser on a daily basis as a supplement such as
hoodia or acai berry can keep weight off for
extended periods of time while building lean
Click here to see the most recent photos
of this beauty having fun on the beach. Now here
are some steps to look better in a bathing suit…
Step 1 find a flattering suit for your
body type.. Go
with a slimming chocolate brown or black suit, with
an underwire halter top and full bottom.
Step 2 Drink lots of water. Aim for at least 8 glasses
a day and avoid salt, sugar and carbonated drinks
to prevent bloating…
read how to lose 5lbs fast.
Step 3 Intense cardio. Burn off extra calories with a
high intensity c
ardio workout such as spinning or
kick boxing… if you are a beginner start with just
click here to read more about walking.
Step 4 Get yourself a Fake Tan. Getting a spray tan
can minimize the appearance of flaws and make
your butt and stomach look smaller.
Click here for
more tips like this one.
Step 5 Exfoliate. Use a caffeine body scrub which
helps with oxygen flow, giving your skin a tighter
appearance. You can make your own coffee body
Click here for recipe to make your
homemade scub..

Julien Quevenne
(born 1984 in France)
Height: 1.84 Waist: 76 Chest: 94 Shoes: 46
Hair: light brown Eyes: blue green
After several stellar seasons on the
European runways and campaigns with D2,
Daks and Kenzo, the sensual French stunner
(with the full lips seemingly requisite of all
the new male stars) is definitely a star in the
making… So he is going on my Prothinspo
Page for Supermodels from France… and of
course getting a full page spread on
Click here…  tips to get a tighter
stomach.. Contract your stomach muscles
while you are sitting. You might be at work, in
the car or watching television. No matter,
wherever you are, simply hold in your
stomach for half a minute. Do this simple but
effective isometric style exercise several
times every day. Think of it as a mini stomach
crunch that you can do standing up or sitting
down. The best results seem to come from
taking a deep breath, contracting your
stomach muscles as hard as you can, and
then letting out the breath very slowly
throughout the contraction.
Give up soda pop, alcoholic beverages and
mocha lattes. Substitute water instead. This
may not be an exercise per se. However you
are exercising your better judgment and your
willpower. Soda pop contains seven
teaspoons of sugar or more. Beer and wine
are pure calories with zero food value. Fancy
coffee drinks are really just a big glass of

I don’t want to disgust you, but this is a real
picture of what 2lbs of fat looks like. I know it
is gross the fact that you can compare those
ugly 2lbs of fat to a basketball is so
frightening to me… Wouldn’t it be nice to
remove these yellow fat deposits from
around your body?
I suggest you try this product “Body Slim” it
will take this off your body fast and with
working out and diet you can see a slimmer
you and less fatty deposits on your body
within a couple of weeks..
So, get ready to send that stomach, thigh,
hip fat & cellulite packing, because this fat
will be moving out when you start with this
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I recently saw some photos of Fergie and noticed her
weight gain… Now I am not saying that she is fat by any
means.. .I am just saying that she seems to have gained
weight and it went to her thighs.. Why does this happen?
Some people gain weight in the stomach, under the chin,
thighs etc.. People gain weight and get fat when they
consistently eat more calories than their bodies require
to meet daily demands. That excess calories get stored
as fat is an adaptive evolutionary response inherited
from times not that long ago when food was less
abundantly available and people had to work far harder
to get a hold of what food was available. People who
were able to store food in the form of fat when food was
readily available were more likely to survive and
reproduce through times when food was difficult to get
than were their skinny peers. Because of this
evolutionary advantage, our bodies have developed so
that it is rewarding and natural for us to eat a lot of food
when it is available. Despite being efficient storers of
body fat, ancestral humans were not often obese as
they had to work hard to eat and in the process burned
up what calories they ate. However, the dramatic
agricultural and technological changes of the past two
thousand years have made food extremely easy to
obtain and evolution has not been able to keep pace in
so short a time span. At this juncture we are required to
use our intellect to understand our bodies’ instincts and
to develop a more twenty-first century appropriate
relationship with food… Best way to take fat off the belly
and thighs is “Chad”,
click here to read more about
losing weight in the thighs… it seems that Josh has got
Fergie jogging off those “love handles and thighs with of
course a
chad supplement use she should look like her
old Fergie in no time..Jogging can really burn calories…
Exactly how many calories you’ll burn by jogging
depends on a number of factors. The heavier you are
and the faster you run, the more calories you’ll burn. A
rule of thumb estimate suggests that jogging for weight
loss will burn off roughly 10 calories per minute. You can
use this estimate to work out how much jogging you are
going to need to do.
The calorie burned jogging in 30-minutes 6 times a week
will be roughly 1800 calories a week. Another rough rule
of thumb suggests that 1 pound of body fat is equal to
3500 calories. At this rate you should lose about 1 pound
of weight every 2 weeks, which is a very slow but
healthy way to lose weight. This assumes of course that
your weight was stable before you took up the exercise
and that you don’t eat more than you did before…
Click here for more.

In addition to regular exercise, you’ll also want to add some fat burning foods to your diet
to help trim your waistline.
Foods that are high in protein and fiber are the best kinds of food to eat if you want to
burn fat around your middle.
Did you know that it takes more energy to digest protein than it does to digest fat? So the
more protein you eat, the more calories your body burns.
Eggs are super high in protein and can help you burn that unwanted belly fat.
You may have heard all the warnings about eggs and your health. That’s because a
couple of eggs will put you over the recommended daily amount of cholesterol.
Well, more recent studies have shown that dietary cholesterol has a minimal impact on
blood cholesterol. Dietary fat is the real culprit. It’s what raises your bad cholesterol
levels. However, if you’re still worried about your overall cholesterol intake from eating
too many eggs, you can remove the yolk and still benefit from the high protein contained
in eggs. One of my favorite breakfasts is an egg-white sandwich. Mmmmmm!
Eggs contain the vitamin B12 — a great supplement for breaking down fat cells.
Low Fat Dairy Products
According to an article in Obesity Research, women who ate low-fat dairy products, such
as nonfat yogurt and low-fat milk, three to four times a day lost 70 percent more fat than
low-dairy dieters.
In another study done at Purdue University those who consumed 3 cups of fat-free milk
gained less weight over the course of 2 years than those on low calcium diets.
So, not only do dairy products help you strengthen your bones, they can also play an
essential role in burning that unwanted body fat.
If you are a regular consumer of milk and other dairy products, that’s great (as long as
you don’t overdo it). Just watch your proportions and perhaps switch over to the low or
no fat varieties.
The best place to find them is at a store that sells organic foods. (Whole Foods, for
While it may not be the tastiest thing you can eat, oatmeal definitely has some great
nutritional qualities.
Basted turkeys are usually injected with fatty substances while beef contains saturated
fat. That Thanksgiving turkey may look good, but it’s not always good for you. And if you
are going to eat beef, be sure to consume the leanest cuts you can find by looking for
“loin” or “round” on the labels.
Salmon and tuna are also good sources of protein. They both contain omega-3 fatty
acids which may sound bad, but are actually healthy fats. These two foods are also good
for giving your immune system a nice boost and should be consumed at least 3 times a
Click here to read the restclick here to get a fat burner food list.

Can’t control
yourself when it
comes to eating?
This is something
that today there is
no excuse for.
Why? Because
there are products
that can stop  you
from this behavior.
First off if you are
out of control
because of
cravings, you
should try this
hoodia mouth
spray, it controls
appetite and
makes food taste
bad even if you
force yourself to
click here.

Hair masks are great for improving condition but some of them can
be quite expensive. Why not try making your own? The biggest
advantage is that your mask won’t have any chemicals so it will
really help your hair. You may already have most of the ingredients
in your home so you can always whip one up for an emergency
conditioning session! And it’s fun! Give it a try – but be warned, it’s
Olive oil hair mask..Whisk up 5 tablespoons of olive oil – it doesn’t
matter which sort – with 2 full eggs. Massage thoroughly into your
hair and then cover it with plastic wrap or a shower hat. Your body
heat will help the oil to penetrate. Leave for a minimum of 30
minutes and then shampoo out, rinsing well.
Honey and Olive oil mask
Mix 3 tablespoons of olive oil with 2 tablespoons of honey. Apply to
your hair and wrap your head in plastic film or put on a shower hat.
Leave for at least 30 minutes and then shampoo as usual, rinsing
click here for more recipes for homemade hair masks.

Sick of your facial skin? Well here is some help… How about some facial
masks you can make at home and help out those nasty skin conditions
on your face and body…
Curd Facial Mask:-
In spite of using costly cosmetics and fruits as face masks, use home
made curd as face mask. Take a table spoon curd and beat it and apply
on the face for ten minutes. Now clean the face with tissue paper. Wash
the face with fresh water and dry up the face in a tapping manner
because the enzymes of curd destroy the bacteria that create spots and
turn the face unattractive. Apply the curd pack twice in a week. That
makes the oily skin spotless and attractive.
mud face maskMud Facial Mask:-
Take 2 table spoon mud and albumin of an egg. Make a paste of it. Apply
it on the face leaving eyes and mouth. Mud contains minerals and
elements that help to tight the loose skin. That remove the dirt of the
skin and skin becomes clean and lustrous or glossy. And you will be
attractive person and it increases your self confidence.
fruit face mask…Different Fruit Facial Mask:-
Take a pulp of any seasonal fruit and apply on the face. Keep for 15
minutes and clean the face mask with tissue paper and wash the face
with fresh water.
Banana pack gives coolness to the face and nutrition too.
Grape is acidic so it is better for cleansing the face and removes the
dead cells and it is good for bleaching.
Peach mask acts as a moisturizer for skin and it makes the dry skin alive.
Tomato mask removes blackheads form the facial skin. It tights the open
pore of the skin and remove the dirt from the pores.
For more Beauty Tips,
click here.

Tyra Talk…I saw the Tyra Banks show the other day and she said that Catherine Zeta Jones uses
strawberries to whiten her teeth. Later in the show, Tyra tried it. She just rubbed the strawberry
across the front of her teeth. I didn’t think it would work-her teeth are already whitened (bleached?)
Anyway, I bought some strawberries and tried it. It sure did make a difference right away! It totally
freaked me out! I couldn’t believe it. The only thing though…Tyra didn’t say to brush your teeth
immediately afterwards. I learned that be reading up on the internet. I don’t know how healthy it is, but
I do know it worked right away. It worked and it was nice to see a quick remedy for stain removal of
the teeth.
click here for more tips.

If you have resolved to get a thin waistline then make
sure that you understand and keep in mind that getting a
thin waistline will also depend on your whole body fat
Getting six packs or thin waistline are not a task to be
taken on hand in isolation but as a whole body. Your
waistline or waist size is directly proportional to your
sugar intake as well as exercise level. Keep following
points in mind to get yourself a thin waistline.
If you are following workouts then never try and perform
exercise that develops waist muscles as this is going to
make your waist thick.
Cut down your sugar intake and if you are having fruit
juice outside instruct them not to add sugar or add less
Avoid butter or oil that are potential threat to your body
fat percentage.
Jogging or walking is the best exercise to follow to keep
your body fit and getting your fat percentage down.
Indulge yourself in hobbies that include physical
exercise like dancing, tennis, football etc.
Avoid dinner at late night or heavy lunch. Eat your
breakfast like a king.
Stay fit and enjoy your life.
Click here for more tips.

Imagine a pile of fresh-cooked chips, crisp outside, meltingly
smooth and starchy inside. A soft, squidgey doughnut, oozing
jam. A mound of ice-cream. A whole box of chocolates…just for
you. A big bag of salty, crunchy crisps.
Hard for most of us to refuse — and for people with food
cravings, almost impossible. Cravings are strong desires for
particular foods or types of food, almost always high-fat and
often high-sugar as well. These are danger foods, diet busters
with a vengeance. Once you start eating them, it’s very difficult
to stop, and the desire for them can seem irresistible and
Cravings aren’t fuelled by hunger. They are often set off by
emotional needs, and can also be caused by food allergy. Since
many diets do leave you feeling hungry, how can you tell
whether that sudden passion for chips is an emotionally-based
craving or simple semi-starvation?
Craving* Is in the mouth and mind. You long for the taste,
texture, mouth-filling qualities and feel of a certain food:
Click here to read more… information is knowledge and
knowledge is control and power.

Lindsay Lohan Topless Video from Muse
Magazine shows a side of Lindsay we have been
seeing way to often lately.. I think after her recent
break ups and being dumped she is just trying to
show her ex’s how hot she is..Nothing we haven’t
seen before here…
Lindsay Lohan has stripped off for a provocative
photo shoot with Italian fashion art magazine,
The 23-year-old flashed her boobs and butt for
the photo series, which depicts the relationship
between Johnny Depp and Kate Moss in the 90s.
Photographer Yu Tsai told NY Post Lindsay was
“totally comfortable with the nudity as long as it
had artistic integrity”.
“When you see her nipple, it just happened in the
moment. She was playing the role of Kate Moss
— you’re at a party and you are with a guy you
really love and another girl,” he said.

Sources close to the star say she’s is desperate
to ditch her party girl image. Guess she still has
to pay the bills though…

Proponents of colon cleansing believe that toxins from your
gastrointestinal tract can cause a variety of health problems, such as
arthritis, allergies and asthma. They say that colon cleansing — also called
colonic irrigation — removes these toxins, thus promoting healthy
intestinal bacteria, boosting your energy and enhancing your immune
system. We are all exposed to thousands of toxins and chemicals on a daily
basis at work, in the home, through the air we breathe, our food and water
supply, and through the use of pharmaceutical drugs. In addition, we are
eating more sugar and processed foods than ever before in human history
and regularly abuse our bodies with various stimulants and sedatives.
If you never wondered or cared much about the pollution around us, it’s
time to change your views and start paying attention to this problem. For
decades, scientists have been studying the pollutants in our air, water,
food, and soil. U.S. industries manufacture over 6 trillion pounds of 9,000
different chemicals a year. They dump billions of pounds of industrial
chemicals into our air and water year after year. So now scientists have
started to examine pollution levels in humans and their findings are deeply
Research clearly proves that our bodies are not capable of eliminating all
the different toxins and chemicals we inhale and ingest every day. They
simply accumulate in our cells (especially fat cells), tissues, blood, organs
(such as the colon, liver and brain) and remain stored for an indefinite
length of time causing all kinds of health problems. I can’t show you a
picture of what this pollution build-up looks like in the brain or the liver,
but I can show you what it looks like in the colon
Click here to read more..

Ali Stephens in ‘Ober-Klasse’
Photographed by Thomas Schenk
Scanned by allaboutmodels – Vogue Germany January 2010
Born: 10 May 2005
Where: USA
Height: 180 cm
Bust: 76 cm
Waist: 60 cm
Hips: 89 cm
She is long and lean and coming out full force so get used to seeing
her around the magazines.
Click here to see her most recent Vogue
photo shoot.
Think she is skinny? Well, check out the skinniest supermodels
click here.
Looking to see which celebrity matches your height and weight?
here for Celebrity Statistics.

Jared Leto takes the January 2010 cover of Nylon Guys. Here’s what the 37-year-old frontman for the
brand 30 Seconds To Mars had to say:
On growing up as a child: “I was born a poor white trash boy… We were vagabonds, and I had a peripatetic
childhood; our mother brought us on her journey of escape from the oppressive nature of The South.”
On his latest food kick: “You know how sometimes you can’t stop eating hot sauce? I’m in one of those
phases now.” I have to say personally I think he is sexy I can see what Olsen saw in him. Anyway..
here for some of the most recent photos of sexy Jared Leto for Nylon Guys.

Is Kate Bosworth just a little skinny or is she
anorexic? This was all the talk a few years ago..
But I have been following her career and I can
say, she has always been skinny. At only 105
pounds – Kate Bosworth seemed bone thin and
talk that she was anorexic was all over the
tabloids a few years ago.. Not today and this is
how she does it… Kate Bosworth’s Diet tips..
Limit the size of your food potions. Kate
Bosworth says she does not diet; instead, she
changes her lifestyle. She eats small portions of
food spread out over the day when she gets
hungry. She eats whatever she wants, but she
may only eat three bites of it.
Eat plenty of proteins, vegetables and fruit to get
your needed vitamins and minerals. Kate eats a
lot of fresh fruits and steamed vegetables.
Find an invigorating activity you love and do it for
1 to 2 hours a day. Kate Bosworth loves to surf.
She discovered her love for surfing when she
was preparing for the movie “Blue Crush”. She
Surfs for 1 to 2 hours five to seven times a week
when she is close to an ocean.Weight train for 1
hour three to five times a week. Kate does not
have a steady trainer at this time. She works out
in her home or at the gym.
Take your Chad!
Swim or run for 1 hour five to seven times a
week. This tones the muscles in Kate’s legs and
keeps them fit. This is also a high cardio
workout that gets your heartbeat up to burn
more calories.
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Jessica Hart (born March 26, 1986) is an Australian
model who appeared in the
2009 Sports Illustrated
Swimsuit Issue. She was born in Sydney, Australia. She is
known for a gap-tooth smile. She was discovered in
Melbourne and has appeared on the cover of Australian
Vogue. Hart and her boyfriend, Tamarama band member
Nicolas Potts, purchased a $1-million one-bedroom
property in Manhattan’s Battery Park during the Summer
2008.She is often compared to
Brigitte Bardot and is
close friends with
Gemma Ward and Nicole Trunfio. She
co-hosted a party at the Gramercy Park Hotel with
Entourage star Jeremy Piven and I was there to see her
up close and personal and if you asked me at the time
she reminded me of
Claudia Schiffer a little bit. Anyway
these photos of her show her super skinny long sexy
legs.. On this page are also some great leg exercise for
women that are looking for sexy, thin legs. If you want to
avoid gyms, then read this article so you can learn how to
get feminine legs in minimal time.
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Tip… useful inclusion in a healthy diet plan is making fruit juices and smoothies. These
are very nutritious, thirst quenching, hunger satisfying alternatives to the ubiquitous
carbonated and excessively sweetened beverages.
It takes a little planning, but we should take the time and make the effort to plan such
an important part of our life as our health and longevity.
There are many delicious combinations of fruits. The very juicy fruits such as pears
and grapes may be combined with a host of different berries, such as strawberries,
blueberries to make ‘to die for’ flavors. Apples are a standard staple for juicing.
Peaches, and cherries in season are excellent.
You might experiment by juicing a variety of fruits separately and blend combination in
a small container to determine what you like the best. As the seasons progress and
we go from strawberries to blackberries, and peaches to apples, we have an
extensive palate of flavors to blend into a cornucopia of delicious variations.
Of course, you will want to use fruits at their juicy best. I see people eating hard pears,
peaches and plums. They may look pretty but they lack the flavor and nutrition, the
‘deliciousness’ of the fully ripened fruit. Most commercially grown fruits are picked
and shipped green and are intended to be ripened at the point of delivery. Plums are a
good example of this practice. They are full formed but not fully ripe when you bring
them home. (Ideally, you would buy tree ripened fruit ready to eat, but this is not how
commercially grown fruit is handled. A trip to a farmer’s market is a treat when you
find fully ripe and ready to eat fruit in all its glory.) The fruit should be kept in a warm
place and covered with a paper bag to hold in the ripening gas (ethylene) that is
emitted by the green fruit. The warmer the fruit and the more gas is retained, the
faster the fruit ripens.
This offers the opportunity to control the ripening speed so a relatively large supply of
fruit will not ripen all at once, the fruit that is kept cool and ventilated will not ripen at
the rate that warm and enclosed fruit will ripen. The ripening process converts starch
to sugar, the texture becomes soft and juicy, and the acid nature of the green fruit
becomes neutral. The fruit becomes aromatic and smells’ ripe’. Then it is at its most
nutritious and delicious best.
On the other hand, strawberries are not ripened by ethylene but by genes. As the
berry ages, more ripening genes are developed to accelerate the ripening process.
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Daisy Lowe..In 2009 she replaced Cole Mohr as the face of Marc by Marc Jacobs and appear in campaigns for
Pringle of Scotland and DKNY.
Lowe has some experience in other media, including being the focus of the BBC Two eight-part fly on the wall
documentary series Class of 2008, co-hosting Glamour’s Best Dressed 2008 with Peaches Geldof for Fiver, and a
brief contribution to a blog for Elle UK online. Lowe has worked as a DJ, appeared in the music videos NYC Beat by
Armand Van Helden and Bloodthirsty Bastards by Dirty Pretty Things, hosted events for Tommy Hilfiger and Dolce
and Gabbana, and in April 2008 made a recording in a New York studio with producer Mark Ronson, with whom she
had a brief romantic relationship. 2009 also saw Lowe feature in The First Days of Spring, Noah and the Whale’s
film accompaniment to their sophomore album.
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Here’s Australian model Lara Bingle looking fit and fine in her bikini for some sort of
photoshoot. Lara Bingle (born 5 June 1987, Yowie Bay, New South Wales) is an Australian
model who is best known for appearing on Fingal Spit in the controversial 2006 Tourism
Australia advertising campaign So where the bloody hell are you?…
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Her statistics here of course might be wrong if she lied on her webpage..
height 5’6″ ; 168cm Weight is estimated at 108lbs.
Measurements: (US) 33-24-33 ; (EU) 84-61-84
Dress Size: (US) 2 ; (EU) 32
Anyway, she struts her stuff on the beach in the commercial and has become quite a
famous face in Australia. You go girl! She keeps her body in shape with sit ups, crunches
and likes swimming and running on the beach.. kinda sounds like a “Playboy” spread talk.
Looking good in a bikini in direct sunlight is difficult to do if you have
cottage cheese
thighs, so remember to take a supplement for that if you want to rock a bikini. Click here
to see her most recent photos..

Ho, Ho, Ho and of course that is not personal towards you in
anyway Tara. You know I love you so don’t get your panties in
a twitch when I talk about you. Anyway, I was talking on FB and
asked one of my friends what was new in the world and this is
what she tells me.. ” Tara Reid is nude in Playboy and she
fixed her botched surgery”… So of course I knew she was
fixing her surgery I had spoken about it a year ago or so and
now low and behold she is in Playboy and of course what
better place to show the world you got your bad boob job fixed
than Playboy. Ya I know. Her body is looking much better and
of course she is a supplement girl using body slim
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Remember a year ago when Tara got too skinny * I have got
that picture inside this post, Well, how do you think she did it?
Hello…Anyway when asked why she posed for Playboy and
about her boobs being fixed..Well..I will let Tara who is 34
years old  explain:”I got it fixed and now I’m OK and I want
people to know I’m OK,” “I’ve had it done for the last five or six
years, but people only want to show the old pictures. It’s so
unfair. That’s part of the reason why I did Playboy, to show
people, ‘Right, look at me. This is how I look now.’ “
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How about some Christmas Thinspo pictures..
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season and remember that you can do anything you put your mind to.. Inspire, Thinspire
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12/20/09 4pm So as most of the NYC area I am housebound due to snow and just
killing time talking on the phone with my big sister and brother most of the day
and then a twitter came into my phone from Austin Kutcher telling me that
Brittany Murphy had passed away. I was like WTF? What happened? According
to the press…Actress Brittany Murphy died early today after going into cardiac
arrest, law enforcement sources said. Los Angeles city firefighters responded
to “a medical request” at Murphy’s home in the 1800 block of Rising Glen Road
in West Hollywood. Murphy, 32, was transported to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center,
where she was pronounced dead.
Brittany Murphy starred in films including “Clueless,” “8 Mile” and “Don’t Say a
Word.” but she is most famous to most Prothinspoer’s for her amazing
transformation from chubby co-star to show stopping stunner when she
dropped 25lbs died her hair blonde and just became a stunner!
I am so sad to hear about this death and am kinda confused how she died of a
heart attack at such a young age.. But I assume their will be much talk about
that later on..
My heart goes out to her family and friends and of course fans..
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more on Brittany and any updates on this story.

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