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My Favorite Thinspiration Giselle..

Jessica Alba is pushing Capri with her new calender, I must say that I was
kinda hoping they would have more body shots. These bathing suit photos are not as inspiring as
her past ones have been…
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New photos of Shalom Harlow in Purple magazine. More of these artistic  nudes which are taking
over the modeling and acting world. I talked about this before, Nude thinspiration seems to be all
the rage..
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I am really getting hooked on these new pictures… click here to see some
amazing thinspiration..

A member asked me for some Smoking Thinspo… what is it… cigarettes and smoke..
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What are some of your thinspiration Quotes..
‘Everytime I have the opportunity to eat, I have the strength to refuse.I will
not take orders from a cookie.Thin is in.
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Photo Credit:
Splash News
These were
snapped at
for the new
flagship store
in Manhattan.
She is so
here to see
the photos.

Photo Credit: Splash News
Adriana Lima & Heidi Klum were
plugging VS goodies on the Morning
Show with Mike & Juliet earlier today
in NYC. Watch the video of their visit
down below. The Angels showcase
the latest VS products on live models.
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The 22 year old Venezuelan hottie is the one & only 2008 Miss Universe! The last time we saw
Dayana was at U.S. Green Building Council Gala a bullshit event Dayana’s agents told her to
attend….I think this women is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. She is just stunning in
person I could not take my eyes off of her.
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These were snapped at the celebration for the new
Victoria’s Secret Lexington Avenue flagship store in
Even though engagement rumors were smashed earlier
this weekend (thank the Lord), bastardly friends say that
Miranda Kerr still plans to tie the knot next summer w/
lucky Orlando Bloom… She looks like fun, I want to hang
with her..
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Victoria Beckham aka Posh Spice, recently opened up to People about the manners of
her three boys – Romeo, Cruz and Brooklyn. She proudly stated, “People are always
remarking on how well-behaved the boys are. My mum and dad were real sticklers for
good manners and so are me and David.”
Victoria also shared that she doesn’t read the gossip section of the newspaper and
pushes aside the articles about her and husband David Beckham. She revealed,
“Some of the people that I’m friends with in America – you know, Tom [Cruise] and
Katie [Holmes] – they get it, too, and we laugh about all these stupid things.”
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There are many choices you can make to take weight off.
You can take Hydroxyslim which is the strongest of weight loss suppressants in the
entire world. You can take
Body Slim or Body Slim Plus if you exercise daily and want to
see fast results. If you have cellulite or belly fat that is stubborn and will not go away
you should use the
Chadebugre. And new to the line of products is Hoodia an all
natural weight loss supplement that has been used by Oprah and other overweight
celebrities to take the weight off. As an added help to your control there is
Controller which is a quick mouth spray that helps you keep those cravings under
control and of course the
Hoodia Lolly Pops that are great for when you need
something sweet and has an appetite suppressant to prevent you from eating
after you finish the lolly…
it is up to you! Check out these before and after photos for inspiring before and after
thoughts of yourself!
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each product.

But before indulging she stops and asks herself, “What
am I feeling?” Even if she tosses back a Hydrox or two,
she can now distinguish between eating to fill her
stomach and eating to appease her heart. Learning the
difference helped her lose — and keep off — 30 pounds
she’d dragged around for years. “I live the Solution
every day,” she says..
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Celebrity Heights and Weights…
Ever wonder how much Salma Hayek weighs? What about
Gabrielle Union?? Well, here is another list of Celebrity Heights
and Weights to keep you focused on your goals. Yes, it is great to
see how much the celebrities weigh and how tall they are, but
deep down inside sometimes I feel as if they think they are
fooling us… I mean the height and weights of some of these
celebrities don’t look right.
These are new ones… Click here for
the stats..
Click here for more Celebrity Stats…. Click here for fun facts….

Thinspiration and Visualization go hand in hand
in weight loss
… Visualization is the key to success. Through
writing down your goals, using the power of visualization and
repeating your affirmations, you can achieve amazing results.
Visualization and affirmations allow you to change your beliefs,
assumptions, and opinions about the most important person in your
life — YOU! Click here page
1, 2, 3, 4, 5. 6 and there is more.. 7, 8,
and losing weight through visualization…
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Prothinspo Myspace…Prothinspo myspace is now open for all people to
join…Join the blog and see some more thinspiration in my photos area
and more thinspiration videos
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Jodee Thank you for this product, it works and works great….
Whether your anxious about fitting into your wedding dress, pants or any of your wardrobe
for that matter… The 3-Day Red Carpet Weight Loss Diet is the solution for you. Solve your
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would like to see a blood test from Mexico. It
wouldn’t surprise me if he had her drugged.
Spencer has tried to cut everyone out of her life. I’
ve been honest with Heidi, and it’s caused our
relationship to decline. I’m more devastated about
that than the marriage, because I’m confident the
marriage won’t work out.”
As for how long Darlene thinks their marriage will
last, she said, “Six months. I think it’s the biggest
mistake Heidi’s ever made.”
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Heidi Montag’s mom, Darlene Egelhoff, apparently doesn’t trust her daughter’s
fiance, Spencer Pratt.
Her mom’s fury is unleashed in the latest issue of Us Weekly. Darlene fumes, “I
don’t trust Spencer. He wants to possess her more than marry her. I’m very
frightened for her.”
The 46-year-old mom adds, “He’s manipulative and seems to have power over

Beyonce performs for the 2008 Christmas in Rockefeller Center, which will air on NBC TONIGHT,
December 3rd @ 8PM ET/PT.
Joining the 27-year-old triple threat to light the world’s most famous Christmas Tree in New York
City is her sister Solange Knowles, Miley Cyrus, Faith Hill, Rascal Flatts, legend Tony Bennett and
David Cook.
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Nicky Hilton from a Paparazzo’s Perspective
Initially I thought that I had an exclusive on Nicky
Hilton and boy was I wrong.
I was heading northbound on Robertson Blvd and
sure enough, I see Nicky Hilton getting out of a small
I recognized her almost immediately because she has
a certain feel or aura that she puts out which says
something like, I am rich and you are not. Can you feel
it too?
I am sure that she is nice but I have never personally
met her. She was about to cross the street and I
needed to get that shot of her jaywalking and
impeding traffic. I pulled over right way and with my
long lens, I took a few shots of her crossing the
street. She made her way to interMix clothing
boutique which is right across the street from the Ivy
Restaurant. As you might have guessed it, there were
a few paparazzi door stepping that restaurant. I got
my shots and no…
I did not get jumped. I was exclusive the entire time.
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Christina Aguilera sizzles in a strapless Monique lhulier dress on
the red carpet of the Grammy Nominations Concert Live at the Nokia
Theatre in Los Angeles on Wednesday night.
She’ll will perform alongside
Celine Dion and Mariah Carey at the
star-studded event.A few nominations have already been
announced for the 51st Grammy Awards set to take place February
2009 including The
Jonas Brothers and Duffy for Best New Artist.
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Australia actors Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman (in head-to-toe Ferragamo) pose playfully
at the photocall for their new Baz Luhrmann epic at the Ritz Hotel in Madrid, Spain on
Nicole, 41, stood tall in a pair of white peep-toe stilettos with black lace overlay (perhaps in
response to our earlier plea) beside co-star/Sexiest-Man-Alive Hugh, 40.
Check out 30+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman at the photocall…
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Brody Jenner announces Bromance, his upcoming reality show through
which he’s hoping to fill the empty spot ex-best-bro Spencer Pratt left in
his heart.
Brody’s invited 9 guys from across the U.S. to compete for the prize of
living the celebrity highlife in a luxurious Hollywood mansion with him.

“The talent behind ‘ Hannah Montana’ has made it a true global sensation and cultural
icon not just on television, where it topped the ratings on Disney Channels around the
globe, but as a chart-topping music act and beyond,” says Gary Marsh, Disney Channel’s
entertainment president. “It has become part of the global cultural lexicon for kids,
parents and families everywhere.”
“Hannah Montana,” which stars Miley Cyrus as the undercover pop star, is the top-rated
basic cable series among kids 6-11 and tweens 9-14 and leads all basic cable scripted
shows in total viewers. A movie based on the series is due in theaters next spring.
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In this page we are going to talk
about fruit fasting as a compliment
or in preparation to juice fasting or
water fasting, as well as the raw
food and vegan lifestyle as one
you may wish to explore or even
Fasting with raw fruit first entered
my life right around the time that I
was at my very lowest.
The Fruit Fasting Challenge
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Sauna enthusiasts laud the health benefits of “sweat baths,” attributing them with
healing, preventative, and cleansing properties. The sauna of Finland is a tradition that
some researchers date back over two thousand years. The Finns attribute their
endurance and longevity to the tradition of sauna.
Basically, what happens to the body during a sauna is quite simple — your metabolism and
pulse rates increase, your blood vessels become much more flexible, and your
extremities benefit from increased circulation. Physical fitness fans will recognize that
some of these changes can also be achieved through strenuous exercise. Not to say that
a sauna would put you in excellent physical condition without moving a muscle (don’t
some of us wish!), but that it brings about the same metabolic results as physical exercise.

The effects of the sauna are numerous and varied.
Proponents of dry heat bath mention a feeling of
psychological peace and contentment as well as physical
click here to read more.
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More on Pilates…
Pilates is an exercise method whose focus is on strengthening the
“powerhouse”, largely the abs and buttocks. The exercises are designed to
increase flexibility, strengthen muscles and improve posture. Pilates
requires a great deal of concentration, coordination of breath and
movement, thereby helping to balance mind and body.
To simplify matters, FullFitness has broken down various pilates routines
into either novice, intermediate, expert. Choose whichever skill level you
feel most comfortable with and always remember to warmup before any form
of exercise…
click here for Pilates beginer exercises..
semi advanced/intermediate.. click here.
advanced bad ass Pilates….
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for more
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Kangana Ranaut, the bollywood actress who apart from many other impressing
performances had a great role in recent hit fashion. Watch some of her pics in various
moods that appeared on the cover of Filmfare.
Kangana Ranaut (Hindi: कंगना राणावत) (born March 20, 1987) is an Indian actress who has
appeared in Hindi and Tamil movies. She also starred in Shakalaka Boom Boom (2007) as an
aspiring singer. Her latest film Fashion has been released and is already a hit. Kangana has
received extremely positive reviews for her portrayal of a supermodel who loses
everything on drug abuse.Kangana made her Tamil debut with the film, Dhaam Dhoom,
directed by the late director, Jeeva.
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ISLA FISHER  showing off her enviable curves in Australian FHM magazine. “I have never
been a big fan of working out and I’ve never been a sporty person – I was always more of a
book worm.
“I know it sounds like a cliché, but I’ve been blessed with good genes.”My mum is little, and
I’m fortunate that I don’t like eating junk food. I just don’t like the taste of it.”
No doubt plenty of
‘sexy time’ helps keep her in shape…
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Kate Bosworth joins former Melrose Place star Daphne Zuniga and American Idol’s Elliott Yamin
in hosting the Global Green USA’s Gorgeous & Green event in San Francisco on Tuesday night.
Her dress is fabulous, Custom-made for her by designer Phillip Lim, the dress consists solely of
green materials….
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Victoria Beckham graces the January 2009 cover of Harper’s Bazaar, which hits newsstand on
December 16th. Here are some great interview highlights:
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Enjoying the weather down in South Beach, Kirsten Dunst was seen out shopping with some friends in
Miami on Friday afternoon …
Click here for photos and more.

Jessica Biel looks amazing in these new photos from GQ. She talks about her life and of course Justin
Timberlake.. but most of all she looks hot..
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Emma Watson is the new it girl.She looks amazing and seems to have really grown up before our
very own eyes.. Check out this article and scans of Emma and watch out this is the new it girl for
Click here.

victoria Secret Model Miranda Kerr is branching out in the January issue
of French fashion magazine, Jalouse, and yes, she is almost nude in these
photos. Of course that is the new thinspiration…
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Angelique Boyer: H Magazine, December 2008, Angelique Boyer is a Mexican
actressShe was born in Saint-Claude, Jura, France.
Click here for her most
recent magazine spread…

Leger and Olsen didn’t make number 1…US Magazines 2008’s Biggest
Scandals, are todays celebrity gossip. Wow, reflecting on the year of all
the celebrity scandals I forgot about some of them already.. here is a
refresher and of course some of my favorite celebrity scandals..
Click here for more.…. page 2 or use arrow .. click here.

Jennifer Aniston…In the January issue of GQ magazine, Click here.
looking younger than angelina.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet reunite for the cover of Entertainment Weekly’s latest issue in
promotion of their upcoming flick, Revolutionary Road.
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Candice Cameron remember her from full
house the show with the
Olsen twins?
Well, she lost 22lbs  she currently weighs
110 pounds, and is “5’2” – says she began
putting pressure on herself to lose weight
as a teenager on the set of Full House.
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Top Ten Australian Commercials that are not shown in the USA.. I frigging love youtube.. Click here.

Lee Hyori revealed on the Sunday television
variety show, “Family Outing” that she
weighs a healthy 53kg [116lbs]. With a height
of 164cm [5’5″], that’s normal.
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Watch out Audrina Patridge is showing some hip bones… Yeah, it seems she too is taken with Ana
recently dropping more weight and if she drops more hopes to step into the thinspiration spotlight,
click here.

Somebody needs to tell Agyness Deyn she looks
like a bag lady. Seriously, how could she leave the
house dressed like this??
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Kate Hudson Rocks. I have always loved her. Goldie Hawn was one of my favorite celebrities to meet
with and chat too.. Anyway, “I’m actually enjoying being single right now because I really never have
been,” Hudson – who’s dated Lance Armstrong and Owen Wilson – tells InStyle magazine for its January
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Leonardo DiCaprio & Bar Refaeli have been traveling around Europe on Corona’s tab as of late.
Yesterday the sexy Israeli model was in Milan, Italy at a fashion show for Corona’s ‘Save the
Beach Project’, which aims to help save Europe’s beaches by getting people to clean up the
litter.  I too hate a dirty beach..
click here for runway photos

Missed a story? Or How to??… click images below.

Russian Gymnast Diet

This is the diet of Olympic silver medalist Irina
Tschachina ( 5″6 and
weighs only 99lbs!) it was such a success for
her now many other ….

Russian Gymnasts are following this diet.
Here it is:
Glass of either orange or apple juice
Fruit Salad (made off kiwi fruit, orange,
pineapple, and peeled apples)
Glass of fruit juice (from one of the above
Glass of non carbonated water*
Green apple

Anyone on this diet for 5-7 days can loose
between 4 lbs-11 lbs
*non carbonated means non fizzy, so like
normal water.
Click here to join others on the diet.
click here for more extreme diets.

short term fasts unless the doctor tells them otherwise. Of
course there are always people who for medical
reasons should not fast. In general Long term fasts should
be conducted for no longer than 28-35 days. Most long  term
fasts are really only for 20 days. LONG TERM
miraculous benefits from fasting can be achieved
with a 3-5 day fast. Even a 3-5 day soup or juice fast most
people can see benefits. 7-14 day fast is a healing fast. This
type of fast cleanses the body and detoxes it as well.
The medium fasts are usually 14-20 days and show amazing
benefits. All fasts can do miraculous things for the body. A
regeneration of the body that takes years off of your

After the third day of a fast the body begins to make ketone
in the liver… Ketosis. In the absence of ketone bodies are
produced by the body as an alternate from of energy.
Normally the levels of ketone in the blood are level after the
fourth day or so they approach 3.0mm and steadily rise. If
you don’t eat at all during the fat this will make your
benefits rise! Eating will quickly shift the body out of ketosis
and back into its normal routine for your metabolism….
Decreasing the growth hormones that are being produced
by the fast and increasing hunger.

The big challenge of fasting is obviously not eating… Hello it
is hard to go without food! I know! The big thing to think
about is really just the short term fasting… After the first
1-3 days your hunger levels will fluctuate. This is usually just
before the body is starting to shift into ketosis mode. After
the 3rd day you will notice that you are not hungry…
Well your hunger levels will have definitely noticeably
decreased.  After day 5 the desire for food is decreased
even more and by 10days usually your hunger levels are
click here.

Fat burning foods flush out the fat that is being
stored in your body.
These foods actually boost your metabolism.
Your metabolism is your body’s engine so to
you take in food like fuel,
your metabolism is like your engine
it either uses the food for energy, stores it as fat or
it creates waste of what couldn’t’t be used
or what has already been used.
Here are a few:
chili peppers,
and onion to name a bunch.
These foods from the fat burning foods list are also
click here.

Banana Breakfast Smoothie Recipe
A smoothie for breakfast is a great way to
start the day. This breakfast smoothie has
great taste and is, of course, great for you.


1-1/2 cups fat free milk
1 peeled and sliced medium banana,
frozen – wrap sliced banana in plastic
wrap or
place in a freezer storage bag – freeze
several hours or overnight.
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/4 teaspoon almond extract, optional
Cinnamon for garnish, optional

In a blender container combine all
ingredients, except cinnamon.
Blend until smooth, about 20 seconds.
Pour into glasses and garnish with a
sprinkle of ground cinnamon, if desired.
Makes two servings.
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“The Spirit,” opening Christmas Day, features Eva Mendes as a jewel
thief/ace swimmer named Sand Saref. She co-stars with
Johansson as murderous scientist Silken Floss and Paz Vega as
knife-wielding belly dancer Plaster of Paris.
Based on a 1940 comic by Will Eisner, the picture is the sole directorial
debut from Miller who co-directed his graphic novel adaptation of “Sin
City” with Robert Rodriguez. The writer’s swords-and sandals epic
has also been made into a hit film.The title character (Gabriel Macht) is a
masked misfit for whom death is a curable condition. He battles a
fashionable nemesis called the Octopus (Samuel L. Jackson).
Click here for Allure magazine scans..

Heidi Klum is featured on the cover of the January 2009 issue of GQ Italy, and
while she looks good, thanks vey much to the Photoshopping efforts of the
editors, it’s been a while since her hay-day.
click here.

Leighton is on the cover…On her parents’ highly publicized prison past: “I wouldn’t have volunteered
that information, but I’ve never kept it a secret either.”
Click here

Takeshi Kaneshiro (Japanese and Chinese: 金城 武, romaji: Kaneshiro
Takeshi, Pinyin: Jīnchéng Wǔ), born October 11, 1973, is a famous Asian
actor of mixed heritage – his father is Okinawan and his mother is
Taiwanese. Check out the scans…
click here.

You’re looking at English model Vikki Blows, who did a special layout in Front
magazine to promote Capcom’s stylish action extravaganza, Devil May Cry 4.  
click here to see the photos.

Anne Hathaway is the cover girl for the January issue of Vogue. The talented and gorgeous actress is
promoting several movies at the moment, so it makes sense that she is everywhere these days. Read
a bit from her interview and check out photos and video
click here.

Keira Knightley scans from the November issue of Tatler Russia … so if  you read Russian you are in
luck for the other Prothinspoer’s out there you will just have to enjoy the photos.
click here.

Not much to say on this subject Danielly Lloyd bikini photos…. looks like she has gained some
weight…. anyway,
click here.

Stephanie Seymour is still in bathing suits on the beach, but her bikini days are over as you
can see she is usually covering up her thighs and ass with a towel, or scarf.
click here.

The Hills, gotta love it. Well this page has all the main character photos and of course a video
spoiler… not to mention the other gossip about the fake marriage.
Click here.

Amy Winehouse is on the beach topless and without her hive and at least a 15 pound weight gain.. she
must be staying off the pipe… good for her!
click here.

Mega Post..
Anyway, here are the girls gone wild after their cycle was done.
Click here for
page 1…
23.4...5…index for “next top models.. click here.

Okay, this is interesting today. Cheryl Cole is going on a diet to gain weight.
Yes, you read that right a diet to gain weight..After being shocked by her
skinny frame on the X Factor final this month, Cheryl Cole has decided to
go on a New Year diet.
click here for photos etc.

Hilary Duff looks truly amazing in this latest photo shoot. She dropped those
ugly last 10lbs that really made a difference in her body and you can see that
she lost weight in her face as well.
click here.

Dania “Alejandro” Ramirez Is A Maxim Hero, who is she? Get ready you will be
hearing and seeing a lot of her in 2009, She is another it girl!!
Click here.

Here is a post all of you will love, thanks to a member who suggested that I
have a page for
Jensen Ackles. He was such a hottie without his shirt on, I
figured I would give a little tribute to the shirtless male celebrities out there..
click here for the shitrless hunks.

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Prothinspo Membership Drive is still on! January is the month to make resolutions, change bad
habits and start over for the new year 2009! Just think 2009 you are going to look FINE!
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Kate was photographed on the beach, while drinking and smoking, with
friends, while holding  her belly in a way like there is a bundle in there.If
Kate isn’t pregnant, she sure has a beer belly!
Click here for more.

Tyra has a new reality show with models… here is the twist, they are
being judged on how beautiful they are on the inside. This should be
interesting because back-stabbing action will cause these

models  to go home. And this time the models are not just competing
with other models of the same sex, they are competing against the
oppostite sex in this show, which is good because I always love to
watch man candy.
click here to meet the contestants. 2 page post… click here for page 2

DietTribe missed some main points in getting into shape, first off he
weighed all the girls in, but he didn’t measure them or give them a BMI or
body fat % test. I think that is a big no, no! Results come in many different
ways and you want to see them all when you start and finish…
click here

Bill Kaulitz-Trumper is getting hotter in 2009. Just watch the star grow this year.Date of Birth: September
1st, 1989, Place of Birth: Leipzig, Germany,Height: 1,83 m, Weight: 52 Kg,Shoe-size: 42,Hair Colour: Light
brown, currently dyed black, Eye Colour: Dark brown,
click here.