Prose Poem: No Charm – Mykie Writes It

This poem from Elemental has a title that can be a bit tricky to figure out. Let’s see if I’ve made it attainable enough. Humor me! Let me know what you think I’m referring to by “No Charm” in the comments. As always, I’d love your feedback on the whole poem, too!

No Charm

  1. In your car, we had ordinary teenage sex. Your motivation could hardly perplex. You saved me from the cop who caught us, a thug intent on taking a turn, but couldn’t save me from yourself and the lessons I would learn. You soon showed me who you were, fumbling around with some other girl. You had to come round next day, shackled by your guilt. You had no way to know I was a human lie detector wrapped in silk. I misunderstood entirely what you were. A hero you seemed despite your fall. I dare say I loved you in my moon-sick way. A mistress you made me, and for some time, I chose to bask in the glow of your fetid decay.
  2. 10 years older, still not so smart. As soon as we reconnected you ate away at my heart. You lived in my house before I gleaned what you were. This lamb finally knows better than to be so sure. Beware of all those who walked with me before.

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