Prose Poem: Joie de Vivre – Mykie Writes It

I decided to update and re-release this poem based on a recommendation from another writer that made good sense to me and hopefully improves the poem. Special thanks to Ancient Skies for the suggestion!

Joie de Vivre

I look into your eyes of lion; it feels like baring my soul. Pulling away layers of history, things to you unknown. I remember sixteen; hunger pacing her reviled prison, dreams bleeding out to a porcelain judge. Then you came along, the world bursting gold. You made it seem a game, life a journey on which we never need behave. You, teeming with life in my savanna of decay. Twenty years later and ‘how have you been?’ steals my tongue from its calcified cage. How could it be? You grew old like me. Gods aren’t meant to age.

by Michelle Beltano Curtis

All Rights Reserved. “Joie de Vivre” may not be reprinted without permission.

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