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Revised March 18, 2020. This poem comes from my series in progress on love, relationships and learning to love oneself, tentatively titled Elemental. As always, I would love feedback on what works in this poem and what doesn’t work so well. You can also rate my poems using 1-5 stars above.

A Lothario’s Lessons

I found your obituary today. The boy whose mother called him Punkie. She ate up your words as she fed you by hand, a compliment strung out junkie. So many ways to create the monsters who break us. Not only by birth, but by our own hands, thinking we’re under some obligation which makes us.  Ushering them from womb to tomb as if you’re still her little man. One woman’s boy being a boy becomes someone else’s rapist. Your expert lingual contortions meant never having to resort to something so basic. Anesthetized by your honeyed lies, I later punished my skin trying to erase it. Soon as it was done, I knew who won. I’d come crawling back, prostrate as a papist. I loved your well padded smile and crooked nose, but I was only ever a notch on your bedpost. You died alone, miserable and separate. Just one more penance to a girl once love desperate.  

By Michelle Beltano Curtis

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