Pregnancy Update38 Weeks

Time is slipping away… and I’m starting to get very nervous now that I’m 38 weeks pregnant.  My last update at 36 weeks had been an eventful couple of weeks, but thankfully things have generally calmed down.  Life has been made a little harder recently as hubs, A, has been in hospital for planned surgery.  It could’ve done with being carried out a few weeks earlier, so that his recovery period wasn’t so close to the birth of the baby – but there’s nothing anyone can do about it.  It had to be done!  So, he’s been laid up in bed a lot of the time, and I’ve been doing rather a lot of ‘solo parenting’ whilst trying to care for A too.  It’s been pretty tiring, as you can imagine!

Last week, I went for my routine appointment with the midwife at 37 weeks.  The results of my blood tests had come back and showed that there was no reason they could find for the disturbing reaction I’d experienced a couple of weeks earlier.  The pinprick itchy rash I’d had has been put down to an allergic reaction to the soap/shampoo I’d used at the hotel we’d stayed in at the time.  It also showed that my iron levels have risen (yay!) so I don’t need to take the supplements anymore…  I’m not sure that’s wise though, as surely if I stop taking the supplements, my iron levels will drop again?  I’ve still got some left, so I’ll continue to take them until I’ve ran out at least.

Unfortunately, baby has turned from being in the anterior position to being back-to-back again.  This is not good, and something that increases my levels of anxiety.  I have no idea what I can do to actually get this baby to stay in the anterior position – maybe I can’t do anything!  The Consultant tells me not to worry about this and that the baby should turn during labour.  We shall see.  My bump is measuring on the average line of the growth chart this week, which is a bit of a surprise as at my 35 week appointment, it was flying high above the highest line.  This is what happened during my first pregnancy, I was told to be expecting a 7-8lb baby, and was graced with a 9lb 12oz whopper born back-to-back instead!

One of the local Health Visitors came to see us last week to ask us some rather odd questions to determine our care requirements for after the birth.  She was very nice, but it was a shame she was only helping out our surgery and won’t be our allocated Health Visitor when the time comes.

I’m seeing my Consultant on Thursday this week for a sweep to try and set off labour ‘naturally’ a little early.  I’ve never had one, as I went into labour naturally at 4 days past my expected due date with O, but I’m not particularly looking forward to it.  I’m told that her sweeps have a 9 out of 10 success rate at getting labour started – so fingers crossed we could have a baby very soon!!  Now that I’ve packed my hospital bag, I’m feeling as prepared as I’m going to feel before labour.

And with that, this could well be my last pregnancy update!  I’ve enjoyed writing these over the last few weeks – probably not as many as I could’ve written, but there’s not a lot changes on a weekly basis.  If I’m still around at 39 weeks, I’ll post an update then.  Fingers crossed!