Pregnancy Update36 Weeks

36 weeks pregnant.  Wow.  The end is very near…

This last two weeks has been a little turbulent on the pregnancy front.  I left my last update at 34 weeks, following a growth scan but before I’d had any discussion with my consultant.  I went into my appointment (which was running late, leading to my writing this post) not really knowing what I wanted to achieve.  The consultant wasn’t exactly helpful with this either – I suppose she expected me to know what I wanted!  My preferences being; a) I’d prefer not to have a C-section; and, b) to prevent being ripped to shreds.  She suggested going in for a sweep at 38 weeks, which is only 2 weeks from today…  Oh crikey, that’s close!  With any luck, it’ll set off a natural labour and I’ll have the birth I hope for.  Fingers crossed.

My lovely Sister in Law, with the help of my Mother in Law, Mum and best friend, organised a Surprise Baby Shower for me that weekend!  It was so lovely to catch up with friends and family altogether before the baby arrives.  We played silly games, figured out that my friends know me better than I do, and had a great laugh.  There was baby photos of me dotted around and a gorgeous cake – my favourite flavour too, of Coffee and Walnut!  I didn’t get home until 11pm, which is mega late for me, and then didn’t sleep well…

36 weeks pregnant

The following day, A and I set off to Manchester early doors to make sure we got to an Awards Dinner in time for 12 noon.  The whole 3 hour journey was spent with me experiencing false labour, with irregular contractions and back pain.  Needless to say, both of us were a little panicked!  We hadn’t brought (and I still haven’t packed) my hospital bag, the car seat, or anything as we planned only to be away for one night – what were the chances!?  We phoned the local Maternity unit and followed their advice, and thankfully it all stopped after a while.  I think it was a mix of being tired, thirsty, hungry and uncomfortable in the car that had led to my body reacting the way it did.  I napped in the afternoon at the hotel and felt loads better.  Thank goodness!

Towards the end of last week, I attended my routine prenatal check with the midwife.  I have swapped from a tablet form of Iron supplement to a Liquid version, and it would appear I’m slightly allergic to it.  Not allergic enough to stop me from taking it, but enough to need antihistamines on prescription.  I woke up the day after I started taking the different supplement with a red, pinprick rash over my arms and all over my bump.  Thankfully, now my arms are more or less clear, but my bump is still really very itchy.  It’s to be expected a little as the skin is so tight across my bump now, but I know the majority of the itchiness comes from my reaction.

Moving forward, I have another midwife appointment at 37 weeks which will be followed up by an appointment with the consultant for a sweep at 38 weeks.  I could then have a baby.  Like, a totally real baby.  Oh goodness me…  Reality is sinking in now!