Pixi Nail Colour Fall Polishes!

Disclaimer: Press samples. See bottom for more.

Pixi has released three new colors for fall, all dark and fitting for the cooler temperatures in the U.S. (well, with the exception of South Florida. I know ya’all ain’t too cold down there right now! lol)

It’s interesting to look at these three colors versus the larger six and 12 piece collections of other brands. When you release three new colors, you have to be more specific and strategic in what you choose. So as you look at them, I’d love for you to think about their choices – do you agree?!

Here’s swatches!

Charcoal Celebration:

Charcoal Celebration is a beautiful complex, black grey shimmer. It’s got an obvious shimmer of silver, but more subtle microshimmers of blue and magenta. It’s beautiful! Shown here in two coats!

Precious Pewter:

Precious Pewter is a pewter grey/silver totally amazing shimmer! It is complex, with microshimmer in it of blue, and more obvious shimmer of gold, it’s beautiful in the sunlight and in the shade. It’s shown here in two, glorious coats. I wore it for THREE DAYS and was disappointed to take it off!

Deepest Dahlia:

Deepest Dahlia is a beautiful deep wine. This is my favorite shade for fall this year, I don’t know why but it calls to me!!I used two coats here!

I volunteered and planted trees in a local neighborhood the day I wore Deepest Dahlia, and I did a before and after…before at top, after at the bottom. I DID wear gloves:

A little dulled from the type of gloves I wore, but no tip wear and easily rectified with a fresh top coat layer!

And here’s a picture of me and a friend next to our first planted tree, a plumcot!

Overall, I continue to be impressed with the Pixi nail polish formula. The bottles are more slender than most of my polish bottles, but I like the unique shape and I have no problem holding the bottle between my legs as I paint in my lap, which is what I most often do!

The wear is a great for me, as recently I’ve been wearing polish a little longer than I normally would out of necessity and busy-ness! I wore Precious Pewter for three days with hardly any tip wear.

You can purchase these new Pixi shades online at Target, and at Pixi Beauty, for $8! They should also be available in Target stores.

So what do you think of these three colors?! Remember I mentioned about the need for strategic thinking when launching a smaller collection for fall? What do you think – did they nail it with these three colors?

Precious Pewter is my favorite, and I am really feeling Deepest Dahlia. But I want to hear from you – what do you think? – in the comments below!

Disclaimer: I received the Pixi fall nail colour collection to review from the PR firm/Manufacturer. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how BeautyJudy.com keeps it real!