Physician’s Formula Murumuru Baby Butter Tropical Getaway Collection

I purchased this.

I’m a sucker for those last-minute, impulse buys at the drug store while browsing the makeup aisle.

I ran into CVS for a half gallon of milk the other day and walked out with some new drug store goodies – something I haven’t done in a while.

Purchasing the Physician’s Formula Murumuru Baby Butter Tropical Getaway Collection was very much an impulse because I’ve tried Physician’s Formula Butter Highlighters before, and to be honest, I wasn’t a fan. But I was curious about the perfume, which I don’t think is available outside of gift sets, and I thought it’d be a good idea to try some of the other products. This set includes:

  • Murumuru Baby Butter Deep Bronzer Bronzer
  • Murumuru Baby Butter Vintage Rouge Blush
  • Murumuru Baby Butter Champagne Highlighter
  • Murumuru Baby Butter Eyeshadows Duo in Sunset Vista and Midnight Stroll
  • Murumuru Butter Lip Cream in Beijos
  • Butter Paradise Eau de Toilette
  • Murumuru Body Butter

The set also comes with the rad iridescent bag in my first photo. It’s big, with a zipper, and I’ve been using it as my makeup bag since getting it!

Before I dive into my swatches and thoughts, I wanted to share a couple product shots !

Here’s a look at the mini highlighter, blush and bronzer:

Here’s the mini perfume and body butter:

The eye duo:

I don’t have a close-up of the lip cream but you can see it very well in that first pic!

Aren’t these the perfect size for traveling…maybe to a tropical getaway? (see what I did there? haha!)

Check out my swatches:

I found the eyeshadows very easy to work with. I applied them with a brush to my eyes, and even though the formula is creamy, the brush blended the shades out and they were well pigmented. I might have preferred a lighter shade of bronze in Sunset Vista with the darker black/gray, but Midnight Stroll definitely smoked outt on the lid. I used these over my primer combo – Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden with MAC Painterly Paint Pot over that. Also – the black/gray applied to my eyes better than it swatched. I had to keep going over that swatch to get it to show up well but I didn’t have a problem on my lids.

I am not a fan of cream blushes in pans – I much prefer a liquid or powder. But I used a tiny beauty sponge and made this work for me. I don’t think it looked bad, but I know I won’t reach for this blush.

Nor will I reach for the bronzer. I used the same mini beauty sponge to blend some of the bronzer to define my cheek bones. It was a nice consistency, but I had trouble blending it out on my fairer skin. I just don’t reach for bronzer at all.

The highlighter was a true test for me! I had shunned these highlighters previously. But I tried the mini beauty sponge technique and it worked really well! I have very ruddy complexion, so using cream products will typically move my foundation and mess up my look. I found that being careful with the sponge worked well for me. I will use this highlighter again, for sure. It was the most pigmented and buttery of all the panned products – decadent!

All of these have a slight coconut-y buttery scent that smells beachy and nice. It does not annoy me and doesn’t linger, but just something to think about if you are super sensitive to scents or this type of nutty, summery scent.

The lip cream is another decadent product.:

The lip cream is slippery and has as beautiful pinky-peach hue to it that adds a nice subtle shimmer to the lips. This is not a lip color that you would wear for lasting coverage, you wear it for moisture and a nice, summery pop of popsicle color. I love this lippie. It’s perfect for summer and it will be perfect in winter when my lips are drier and I want a fresh-face look.

The perfume and the body butter smell beautiful to me. The perfume has the Butter line scent but also tropical floral notes “surrounded by creamy sandalwood and warm vanilla.” I’m generally adverse to heady vanilla scents but this one is not overwhelming to me.

i haven’t used the body butter a lot but it is nicely moisturizing without feeling greasy or heavy to me.

Here’s the look I created with all the makeup products:

So my updated experience with Physician’s Formula Butter line leaves me with a renewed interest! I love the scent. I love the creamy lip color and the easily-applied shadows. I love the scent of the perfume and the feel of the body butter. I even shifted my perception of the highlighter and it earned a spot in my highlighter drawer! I will likely not use the blush or bronzer again.

This set was $29.99. The bag was honestly a huge draw for me. I use makeup bags constantly – I have one for makeup. One for feminine hygiene products. One for random purse things. I use a lot of them, lol!

What do you think of this little set? Do you love the Physician’s Formula Butter line? I’d love to hear your thoughts below!