Perlier Refreshing Crackling Ice Body Water

Disclaimer: Sample. See bottom for more.

When I first held my bottle of Perlier Refreshing Crackling Ice Body Water in my hands, I was immediately transported to the beach.

In my day dream, I left the beach, went to my ocean front shore house (hey, it’s my day dream), took a shower to wash away the sand, and grabbed this bottle from the fridge. I imagined the relief my sun-kissed skin (but not burnt, because I used lots of sunscreen in my day dream!) would feel as this product cooled and crackled on my skin.

Back in reality, Perlier Refreshing Crackling Ice Body Water in Limone still hits the spot, with product leaving the aerosol canister in a light, airy trail and crackling with a sharp, comforting coolness as I blend it into my skin. Check it out, right from the bottle:

It’s bubbling and crackling already and I haven’t even begun to moisturize my skin with it yet! When I do, it crackles and pops even more:

Here’s the ingredients:

Here’s where I keep it. It hangs out with my almond milk and Mike’s coffee creamer so it’s nice and chilled when I want to feel refreshed:

At first, I wondered if this would just be a gimmicky-type of product, but I was impressed that long after the cooling effect wears off – and it wears off rather quickly after application – this does make my skin feel smooth and nice.

The smell is instantly citrus and lemon, but it doesn’t last and it’s not very strong. You won’t walk around smelling like fresh lemons.

I don’t think it’s a practical moisturizer or an everyday indulgence. This is a perfect summer pick-me-up, a treat for those mornings where coffee is not enough to shake the sleep from my head and body, and those days when I’ve spent hours in the sun and this will feel so good on my skin.

I posted a quick Instagram video of this as it crackled, so if you want to hear how it sounds, go check out my Instagram account, I’m @BeautyJudy !

Availability, Cost, Coupon!

You can find Perlier, and the Crackling Body Water, on the HSN site here. It retails for $24.50 for 5 fl oz – but, you can get $5 off your Perlier purchase on HSN with the coupon code: iFabbo5

Have you heard of Perlier? I had not head of the brand before I had the opportunity to review this product; but there are other bath and body products from the line that intrigue me, like the Coconut Sorbet Invigorating Body Water, and the Wild Berries Sorbet Hydrating Lip Balm.

Perlier isn’t the only brand that offers a fizzing, crackling moisturizer; Bath and Body Works has one too; but it has a shimmer to it, which makes it less practical for me than the Perlier product. I don’t go too many places these days where I need subtle glitter on my skin!

So what do you think of this?! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Disclaimer: I received the Perlier Crackling Body Water from iFabbo and the PR Firm/Manufacturer. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how keeps it real!