Only Curls Hydrating Curl Creme Review!

Only Curls Hair Products

Only Curls are, as you may have guessed, a haircare brand specifically for people with curly hair, especially those following the Curly Girl method. Only Curls are a cruelty free brand, and all of their cosmetic products are vegan. Their only products that aren’t vegan are their silk hair wraps/ties/etc. which contain real silk. Only Curls shot to fame with an extremely successful Instagram campaign and come with glowing reviews.

I personally have half-curly, half-wavy hair that I don’t think particularly suits me. It’s bleached and damaged and I often straighten it, so I knew already that getting the most out of the curly girl method would be difficult for me. I have actually tried so many different methods with my hair over the years, I’d practically given up on nice curls. Nothing, and I mean literally nothing, could de-frizz my hair.

I started co-washing my hair in preparation for travelling. I didn’t want to be on the move with ten different hair products, so I trained my hair to need less washing and switched to using a co-wash bar and hair oil. Although this served me incredibly well for travelling light, it didn’t do what I wanted in taming my frizz.

When I arrived back in the UK and Only Curls was all over my Instagram feed, I knew I had to try it. They would probably be full of false promises, I thought, but anything was worth a try. I purchased a small bottle of their Cleansing Co-Wash and a large bottle of their Hydrating Curl Creme. The co-wash only lasted me three or four washes (my hair is long and thick). Although it was great, I quickly switched by to my trusty Noughty 1 Hit Wonder Co-Wash. (No shade to Only Curls, but it’s cheaper, and I can pick it up in my local supermarket.)

This review focusses on the Only Curls Hydrating Curl Creme as a standalone product, rather than as part of a perfect curly girl hair routine.

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Only Curls Hydrating Curl Creme Review

The consistency of this curl creme confused me at first. It almost feels like putting conditioner into your hair, knowing you’re not going to wash it out. The consistency is a little thinner than your average conditioners, but it is entirely opaque and has the usual slippery texture. It smells absolutely heavenly, and it lingers on your hair for days which is one of my favourite things about Only Curls products.

The Only Curls website instructs you to apply the Hydrating Curl Creme generously all-over to wet hair, then put your head upside-down and scrunch. I generally don’t tip my head upside-down, but the scrunching is essential. It encourages your curls back into their natural shape after you lengthen them out whilst adding product.

I was pretty amazed when this worked. Like I said, I was sceptical, and I imagined this working great on the lower layers of my hair (which love falling into loose curls) but leaving the top layers of my hair their usual frizzy mess. Only Curls Hydrating Curl Creme actually makes my frizzy mess form actual curls. It must be the first time my hair has looked like this in years, and I am officially a convert!

This isn’t the cheapest product, at £16 for a 250ml bottle that you should ‘apply generously’. It is, in my opinion, completely worth the money. I was inspired to write this review a few days ago when I washed my hair and forgot to apply this afterwards. Cue an immediate return to the frizzy mess!

I’ll definitely be making a return to Only Curls, and I particularly want to try their Enhancing Curl Gel. I might even switch back to their Co-Wash so I can feature it in another review. Have you tried Only Curls? What did you think? Let me know!