Ofra Derma Tones Magic Concealer Roulette

Don’t you know, right when I get a new concealer palette, my face decided to mutiny and I broke out with multiple zits right at the start of my recent Florida vacation?!

I mean, I was excited, because I could really put the concealer to the test. But who WANTS a zit. Or three?!

I don’t know if it was the water, or the weather difference between living in New Jersey and flying to visit in Orlando, Florida – maybe it was even the reintroduction of candy the week before into my diet after a failed attempt at the South Beach Diet. Whatever the cause, Ofra Cosmetics Derma Tones Magic Concealer Roulette came in handy to hide my blemishes.

I learned about Ofra Cosmetics at The Makeup Show Orlando November 4-5. The brand has its own line of cosmetics, and also runs a private label company (in other words, they make the cosmetics that other brands put their names on).

The company owner told me the Derma Tones palette was top notch, and comparable to other popular concealer palettes on the market. So I was excited (pissed, too) to put it to the test over my angry face. Here’s a look at the concealer’s ingredients:

Here’s swatches of each of the six colors in the palette:

I used the middle shade – the one swatched above the five in the photo above, to cover my blemishes. Check out how it did. First, a shot of my face, pre-concealer:

After concealer:

My zits just disappeared!

 Here I am with foundation over the concealer and my face:

I don’t know why I look like I’m posing for a 2 a.m. drunken mug shot in that last photo but the point is, the concealer really did a nice job of coverage, and I felt confident to face the day with the added layer of foundation. My face is naturally very ruddy, as you can see, so foundation is my must-have, daily beauty product. Usually, it is enough to cover my skin imperfections. But I was grateful for the added coverage of this product.

The Derma Tones Magic Concealer Roulette palette is a great tool for a makeup artist – when you are working with all different skin tones, this is a handy, compact palette to have at the ready. You can also mix the colors to create a custom shade.

For $29.95, though, it doesn’t make much sense for someone like me, who can really only use one, maybe two, of the shades in the pot. Perhaps if I had different types of imperfections; pigment issues, etc., this palette might be more versatile for me. I do want to try contouring with some of the slightly darker colors, just to experiement and not waste all of it.

This concealer stayed put on my face until I itched my face and rubbed it off a bit. Otherwise, I was impressed with the formula and staying power.

As I mentioned, this isn’t really a sensible product for me. However, Ofra makes concealer trios ($19.90) and individual pots and tubes ($14.95) of concealer, and I would buy the brand’s concealer in one of those forms.

So what do you think of this concealer wheel? Is concealer a must-have in your beauty arsenal?

Disclaimer: The Ofra Cosmetics Derma Tones Magic Concealer Roulette was provided to me for review by PR Firm/Manufacturer. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how BeautyJudy.com keeps it real!