Off to Travel The World? Here’s What to Pack.



Packing for your big trip? It’s time to get ruthless. Knowing what to pack can make or break your adventure; carting the kitchen sink across multiple continents is a serious faux pas. What a headache! What a back ache too, if we’re going into specifics.

If you’ve unpacked and re-packed your bag more than seven times already, you need to read this simple travel packing list and relax. Yes, we know you’re fond of all of your clothes, your accessories, the 20 pairs of shoes you’ve got there and your huge first aid supply kit. But no, unless you know where Mary Poppins gets her magical bag from, there’s no suitcase or backpack built to handle all of your worldly possessions at once. You don’t really want to lug all that around anyway do you? Good. So here’s what to pack to prepare for the trip of a lifetime!


Even if your first destination is a beach lover’s paradise, remember to cater for all of the climates and locations on your itinerary. If you’re leaving Costa Rica in a beach skirt on route to Patagonia you’re going to need to prepare ahead, frostbite looks extremely painful! Pack in a way that allows you to get comfortable at all temperatures. Think versatile layers. And remember there are wash facilities wherever you’re headed so be prepared to mix and match the few pieces you pack. No need to stuff your rucksack full of underwear “in case you run out” either. You won’t. These are the absolute musts:

  •         Pair of jeans/durable trousers
  •         2 pairs of comfortable shorts (for relaxing, sleeping and staying in shape on the road)

  •         Denim shorts

  •         A couple of Dresses or skirts you can dress up for dinners and dress down for brunch.

  •         A few Singlet tops

  •         2 T-Shirts

  •         1 Long sleeve top or jumper

  •         A pair of leggings

  •         7 pairs of underwear

  •         3 pairs of socks

  •         3 bras – a sports bra, a convertible bra and a third bra of your choice

  •         A versatile trench coat or bomber jacket

  •         2 bikinis

  •         Trainers

  •         Flip flops

  •         Beanie or hat


This category kind of does what it says on the tin. Don’t weigh yourself down carting the whole kit ‘n’ kaboodle round though, go for your essential basics. Let’s face it, how many times have you taken all those face creams and far fetched first aid supplies on tour “just in case”  and not even touched them? Items like wet wipes are great for freshening up after long haul flights or epic cross-continent train trips and you’ll really appreciate a pack of tissues when the only toilet around doesn’t have a scrap of toilet paper. It’s the shampoo, conditioner and body wash you can definitely downsize or do without, think about what’s going to be readily available at your destination and plan accordingly. Here are a few suggestions that could definitely be worth their weight in your bag:

  •         Passport
  •         Travel insurance

  •         Camera

  •         Phone & charger

  •         Antiseptic wipes or wet wipes

  •         Deodorant

  •         Travel size perfume sample or 2

  •         Travel size shampoo & conditioner (if you really can’t take a chance they’ll be supplied)

  •         Travel size body wash

  •         Small pack of tissues

  •         Bandaids

  •         A versatile, crossbody bag, satchel or shoulder bag with complete zip or clip closure

  •         Sunglasses

  •         Toothbrush & paste

  •         Sunscreen

  •        Rehydration treatment

  •         One lock for your suitcase and a second spare

  •         Journal or if you’re anything like me – a trusty MacBook Pro

  •         A few plastic bags or bin bags (you’ll be surprised how often these come in handy

  •         Insect Repellant

  •         Your medical supplies will vary depending on your destination and your regular routine but              in the very least you’re going to want to throw a box of Paracetamol in there. Trust me.

  •         Comb, hair ties & bobby pins

  •         Ear plugs & eye mask for sleeping

  •         A spare set of ear phones for your iPhone or iPad

See? Easily done. Leave your inner Anna Wintour at home in your walk-in wardrobe and think practical. It’s time to embrace the Bear Grylls within and get resourceful; without all the insect-eating of course. No one wants to be drinking drips of water off their shoe lace but it sure doesn’t hurt to leave the clutter at home and hit the road without a hundred kilograms of luggage literally pinning you down.


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