Obviously MARvelous: Makenna and Her Broken Arm

By now, most of you know that last week my oldest daughter Makenna broke her wrist. Thankfully now, everything is settled down and as back to normal as everything can be considering she is rocking a cast for the next four weeks. As promised here is the story of how everything happened and went down.

Last Wednesday morning we told the girls to go ahead and play in their room. They went up and not even 5 minutes later I hear a huge thump upstairs. All of a sudden Maddie, my younger daughter, ran to the top of the stairs and informed us Makenna was hurt. I ran up to check on her and she informed me her arm was broken. I asked what happened, and Kenna admitted she had climbed over the dresser in her room (Something I have said MANY times not to do) to try and mess with the TV plug behind it, and fell. Now Makenna IS a bit of a drama queen, so I brought her downstairs and put ice on her wrist. Her wrist was not swollen nor was it bruised, so we automatically guessed it was just a sprain. Hubs then made sure she could wiggle all her fingers and bend her wrist, and she could with ease and little pain.

Fast forward to that evening, right around dinner time. Makenna had not been using her wrist all day, but, that’s what happens with a sprain right? She had been saying throughout the day it hurt. During dinner she ate very little, which is VERY rare for her even when she is sick! After dinner I asked if she felt alright and she said she did, except her hand hurt. I brushed her bangs from her forehead and noticed she felt warm. I took her temperature and it was 100 even. (I now know this is called a fracture fever) I decided right then to take her in.

We got to the ER and only waited a short time. She had Xrays taken and I asked the wonderful tech some questions. She informed me sprains hurt, bruise, and swell worse than fractures. She also informed me that the number one sign of a broken bone in children is them simply not using that limb. When the Xrays were taken she immediately asked if I would like to take a peak. I came over and she said “I am not a doctor, so legally I cant say anything, but look right here” and pointed to Makenna’s radius. I immediately saw the crack and my heart sank.

Makenna’s Xray from the ER When the Dr read the Xrays he said the fracture was called a buckle fracture, the most common kind of fracture in children, and it was Makenna’s radius AND ulna. They wrapped her in a splint and told me to follow up with a Pediatric Orthopedist to have it casted.

I will spare you all the insurance details and the NIGHTMARE I had to deal with just to get her into that Pediatric Ortho, but, thankfully, I got her in on Friday afternoon. The wait was LONG, the office staff was less than lovely, but the Dr’s were wonderful! They casted Makenna with a bright pink cast and made her laugh in the process. She will have to wear it a full 4 weeks, however, she will have it removed August 27th, the Friday before school starts here in Nevada. Also, it was a small, clean break, so there will be no brace or therapy required after.

Makenna with her bright pink cast

Its her right hand, luckily, she’s a lefty!

I am so thankful that entire ordeal is over and Makenna is not in anymore pain. She thinks the cast is pretty cool and likes to have it signed and drawn on. I don’t think she’ll be climbing on things she isn’t supposed to anymore, at least, I sure hope not!!