Obviously MARvelous: Joovy Scooter Stroller Review

As a mother of 3 I have a confession. I have never owned a higher end, amazing stroller. Although we have purchased other strollers in the past, they were always the basic brands and I honestly always wondered to myself how much nicer and easier a stroller could be.


has removed any doubt from my mind.

In case you are unfamiliar with


(pronounced Ju-vee) they are a US based company that prides themselves on manufacturing premium family gear products. Their goal, as a company, is to produce useful, practical, good-looking and fun products all while striving for high quality at a reasonable price. Joovy’s signature is the use of the double O’s in their products, such as the Scooter I reviewed, their Cocoon, Nook, Caboose, Groove, Kooper, and more!

I met a wonderful Joovy rep back at the ABC Kids Expo last year and was given a tour of all the amazing


products. To say I was impressed is an understatement. Their brightly colored array of strollers, highchairs, playpens, and more left me in awe at their ease and functionality. I must add their customer service and attention to detail was superb. I was able to have any and all questions about Joovy answered and it was fun seeing, and trying, all of their family gear!

I chose to review the

Joovy Scooter

stroller, a single stroller who’s combined adorable look and 55lb weight limit would be perfect for my Bub, who is really the only one of my children who still sits in a stroller.

The Scooter features


signature oversized canopy, with retractable sun visor, which is perfect for protection from all the elements, and an honest MUST here in the dry, hot, Las Vegas desert. The canopy is made of the same super durable 600 D fabric and the seat includes a light reflective 5 point adjustable harness. The


offers a one hand incline system to a near totally flat napping position. I know I sure could have used that with an infant who just transitioned into a stroller w/o an infant seat to recline back in! The Scooter’s cup holder and extra super large basket is a dream for a mom like me who frequents the park, stores, and mall! What’s more, it’s one bar linked brake system not only makes braking easy, but more safe & secure.

Although the Scooter is recommended for 6 months+ it’s bumper bar is compatible to fit all Graco infant carseats, so it can actually be used from the very beginning. That means you could technically own just this one stroller from birth until your child is needing to sit in a stroller.

I was so excited when it arrived and apparently, so was Bub, as he helped Daddy assemble his new ride! Bub decided to test out the wheels, which have sealed bearings for easy handling & pushing!

Assembly was easy and fast. Although I didn’t assemble it, I know this for a fact since hubs didn’t gripe once while putting it together! Soon, it was time to try out Bub’s new Scooter.

It was a wonderful fit, which, with a 40lb two year old, isn’t always an easy task! As you can also see from the pics, the Scooter has reflective strips that shine for those of you who take walks or are out and about in the early morning or evening hours.

Just for kicks we decided to put Maddie, who’s four and a half, and 47lbs, into the Scooter and she sat comfortably and fit wonderfully. That’s an added bonus for us if the girls and I ever go to the mall sans guys.

I have been using my

Joovy Scooter

almost daily for over 2 weeks now, and I have to admit I am spoiled rotten! I could not imagine ever going to back to the old, cheapy, hinky strollers of my past. The Scooter wheels so easily and freely. It so is sturdy to be able to seat Bub, but also moved so lightly. Truly remarkable to me! Loading and unloading the kids isn’t bad, especially with the Scooter collapsing and opening with ease! I am in LOVE with the fact that it’s basket is big enough to fit my diaper bag, Makenna’s backpack, and her lunch box so that picking her up from school almost daily is even easier for us now. I can not wait to load up that basket at the mall sometime soon. Joovy’s one bar brake system makes it almost too easy to stop the


and know it’s secure. I couldn’t imagine ever owning something less amazing than a Joovy stroller again. It is supreme in it’s own right!

The Scooter retails for $149.99

You can find any and all of Joovy’s wonderful family gear on their website


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