Obviously MARvelous: Guest Post: Jessica Costello

Since my New Year Resolution, along with many other people, is to lose some weight before my upcoming cruise, exercise more, and eat healthier. Different points of view, and the way they are written are always wonderful. Also, the right words might help someone else become motivated as well. I thought it would be nice to feature a related guest post here on Obviously MARvelous.

Find 30 Minutes A Day, Find A New You!

By Jessica Costello

One of the hardest parts of working out is finding the time to do it with all the chaos of everyday life. The world is moving at a fast pace that makes it almost impossible to find a moment to do something that benefits yourself and your health, and if you do, chances are you’ll feel guilty for not using that time to dust the bathroom or make cookies. For mothers this is a constant battle, but if you do take the time, you will not be the only one to benefit from it.Being a parent is a hard job as is, add a part-time or full-time job and getting through the day without mishaps is nearly impossible. Between taking care of their families, their households, and their careers it seems like there’s never enough time for Mothers to truly take care of themselves and this is especially true when it comes to exercising. However, some studies have shown that finding only 30 minutes a day to workout may be all that you really need to get a truly healthy benefit.Researchers at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge, LA held a study with 430 women to see the effects on 30 minute workouts with women of the average age of 57. What the study showed is that the women who did workout for at least 10 to 30 minutes a day had a better quality of life. In fact, it boosted the quality of their life along with their general health, vitality, and mental health compared to those who didn’t work out at all. This shows that working out even for a small amount of time can be really beneficial. But the question remains on what to do when working out and how to eat while doing so.Still having doubts? It’s about more than just getting the body up and going and that is important to remember. Considering that the goal in working out in quick spurts everyday is cutting fat and cutting it fast, it’s vital to put together a healthy eating regiment that will work with your 30 minute a day exercising routine. Eating food like lean meats (turkey is a great one to consider) and fish while avoiding foods heavy in carbohydrates and saturated fats can help burn calories quick and easy. That being said, it’s also important to work out in the correct manner and focus on the important areas of you body while doing so.Fitness magazine presents a great routine for working out 30 minutes a day that includes (but isn’t limited to) steady paced cardio, strength training, and a cardio circuit that helps work the whole body. The best thing about this plan is that for some women who may not be confident enough to work out at a public gym it allows you to stay home and work at home gyms and it’s various fitness equipment like an ellipticalHaving children, looking after them, feeding them, etc. is a job in itself. As a mom you deserve to take time for yourself each day after putting everyone before you. This will not only help you stay fit but get you refreshed and ready to face the day!

I would like to thank Jessica Costello for contributing her wonderful article and insight to Obviously MARvelous!