O: 5 Years Update

Happy 5th birthday to you, O!  My gorgeous first-born son – where has the time gone?!  I can’t believe that today you are 5 years old.  You have been willing yourself to turn 5 since Christmas…  Being one of the youngest children in your class at school is not something you’re too happy about!  I last wrote to you 3 months ago and, again, you’ve managed to come on leaps and bounds since.

Shortly after my last update, you were awarded the Golden Shirt again for good behaviour and great improvement and understanding in reading.  You are now at Stage 5 in the Oxford Reading Tree scales – a fantastic achievement.  Your Daddy and I are so proud of you!  You often read us stories, now being able to read most books from your bookcase fluently.  You continue to work hard on your pencil skills and are beginning to enjoy writing, colouring and drawing much more.

Before the end of your Reception year at school, you had your first Sports Day.  You were part of the blue team and I think you stay as part of that team now until you leave aged 11.  You tried so hard with each of the races and said that the Marathon at the end of the morning was your favourite.  You always have enjoyed running, showing everyone how you’re “super-fast” like Dash from The Incredibles.  You know that you aren’t the fastest in your class, but you try your hardest and that’s what is important.  Your team also won the award for most team points scored throughout the school year, which led to you all going out for the day to Keswick and visiting the cinema to see Secret Life of Pets.

You have been off school now for 3 weeks of the summer holidays.  You were so ready for a break from school-life – you were so tired and grumpy towards the end of term!  We’ve mainly been chilling out at home, going out to the park and baking at home.  We’ve visited family members and been on a few day’s out too.  You really enjoyed visiting The Beacon a couple of weeks ago as they had a Lego exhibition.  You got your face painted with a snake and made me howl and cry with laughter at your snake impression (video).  You’ve also been to the cinema with Daddy to see Ice Age: Collision Course and said it was really funny.  You love visiting the cinema! We’ve also just found out that it’s okay to take Q in (as long as he’s quiet) so we’re planning a family trip to see Finding Dory later this week.

We’ve got our family holiday to Majorca at the end of the month which you’re really looking forward to!  We’ve also got a few day’s out planned between now and when you go back to school in September.  But today, on your birthday, you’ve opted for a visit to the bowling alley.  So we’re off there this afternoon after you’ve opened your presents from family and friends.  You’re having your party on Sunday at the sports centre; football-themed!  We’ve asked your football coach to supervise games for you all and you can’t wait.  I can’t wait to see the joy on your face either!

I hope you enjoy your special day, darling.  You mean the world to me and your Daddy.  Q loves you millions too.  Love you lots like jelly tots, love from Mummy xxx

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