O: 4 Years, 9 Months Update

Wow.  I last wrote your update at 4 years and 6 months old and I can’t believe how much has changed in the last three months.  You’re getting to be such a big boy now, and seem even bigger now that Q has arrived.  He arrived just 3 weeks after the last update and you were so excited to become a big brother!  You couldn’t wait to teach your new brother how to play football and play superheroes.  As you are now probably aware, he won’t be doing either of those things for quite some time – I hope you aren’t too disappointed!

You are incredibly loving towards Q, always wanting to give him “snugs”, hugs and kisses whether he’s asleep or not.  You found the concept of breastfeeding absolutely hilarious at first, but now understand that babies can’t eat apples and grapes until they’re older and milk will have to do for now.  You couldn’t wait for Q to accompany you on your walk to school when he was born, such a proud big brother.

Whilst becoming a big brother has been pretty awesome in the most part, we’re all finding having a new addition to our family a bit of a challenge.  We all love Q dearly, don’t get me wrong, but our routine has all gone to pot!  You have adapted so well, but Q does get your goat sometimes when I can’t give you the attention you want as quickly as you’d like.  Whether it’s something that comes with getting older and more independent, or with the arrival of a new sibling, you’re testing the boundaries with the day to day grind at the moment.  I’m sure we’ll all find our groove soon and what works best for us now as a family of four.

You’re really enjoying school, although it’s a bit of a mission to get you dressed in the morning!  Shortly after our last update, you were awarded the Golden Sweatshirt in your class for your kind behaviour and excellent efforts in class.  When I picked you up from school, you wore your coat zipped right up and I couldn’t see the sweatshirt until we got home!  As with most of your achievements, you shy away from the praise and hide that you’ve done well.  I think that you feel overwhelmed, but there’s nothing to be frightened of!  We’re so proud of you for doing well and trying your best.

You are progressing well with your reading and have now moved onto Stage 3.  You bring home a couple of books a week from school and read your book every night before bed.  It’s amazing hearing you read to us and, now, to your baby brother.  You teacher says that you try to do things as quickly as you can and rush through the tasks you find a little more difficult.  Your writing is coming on brilliantly, but as it doesn’t come as easily you rush through that too.  When it comes to doing your homework, I find you prefer spreading the load over two or three evenings and doing a bit at a time.  Bribing you with pudding helps to get you to do your best instead of rushing through it so you can go to play or watch TV!

In your last update, I mentioned that you had just started to attend Football classes at the local sports centre.  You have continued to attend most weeks and still really enjoy the class.  You’ve learnt various skills like ‘tippy-tapping’ and ‘side-stepping’ with the ball.  We’ve also got your name down to start swimming lessons when an opening becomes available.  You have learned the basics with your Daddy and I on holiday and at the local pool and can swim unaided for a short distance in deep water.  It would be great for you to learn the different techniques that come with swimming and to be a strong swimmer would be great.  Swimming is a sport both your Daddy and I enjoy, and we’d love you to enjoy it too.

You’re coping so well with all the changes going on at the moment, I’m really proud of you.  You’re my little superhero.  Even if you are getting up more through the night than Q!  But it’s just for a snuggle to know that I’m still there with you.  I always will be there with you, and for you.

Love you lots like jelly tots, from Mummy xxx

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