Our trip was nothing short of magical. After months of carefully planning this trip panned out exactly how I had hoped it would.  We started with our insane car ride to Savannah.  I utilized my roadtrip survival research. We stayed at a horrifying hotel on the way down.  An excessively frugal mistake I will never make again!  While we were within the gates of Disney, we stayed at a non WDW resort.  It was a mega resort with so much fun, we didn’t even get a chance to enjoy it all.  It was the Wyndham Bonnet Creek if you’re interested.

Our first night we went to the Flying Fish Cafe, where I ate one of the best meals of my life.  Then, we went to Magic Kingdom on Sunday morning.  I highly suggest you get there before it opens, so you can see the show.  All of the characters roll in on a train.  It was princess overload.  My kids were out of their minds.

We went to the Cinderella’s Royal Table for breakfast, and Be Our Guest for dinner.  They were both absolutely worth it!  We had breakfast at 10am and dinner at 9pm. Are you doing the math? Let’s just say it was a long day.

Epcot was glorious because we went during the Food and Wine Festival.  It was a day spent eating and drinking ourselves into a nauseated coma.

Brave Alice eating escargot.

In the end, I could have done without Hollywood Studios AND Animal Kingdom.  Each park has a few fun attractions, but Magic Kingdom casts too big a shadow over them. It was a wonderful trip, and worth every penny,  I would highly recommend going when your kids are little and still believe that it’s all real. I’m glad we went, it definitely wasn’t a “howdy dudey mistake.”

Alice seeing the castle for the first time.

Before we enter the most magical place, let’s prepare.

  • Get your personalized maps.
  • I strongly encourage driving down if possible. Don’t forget to make hotel reservations.
  • Go to Costco for snacks and water.
  • Plan your trip around the crowd calender.
  • Make reservations for every sit down meal you plan to have.  I would recommend not tying yourself down to a lunch reservation.  It’s stressful when you have a million other things you want to do.
  • Plan on at least one thing you, as an adult, can look forward to. We went to Kouzzina and Flying Fish Cafe.
  • Pack stain remover for your kids clothes.
  • Bring your own princess dresses.
  • If you have girls check out the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.
  • Try to get to the Magic Kingdom before it opens so your kids can see the show.
  • Know the height requirements for the rides you want your kids to go on.

When you enter the park.

  • If your there when it opens go to your #1 must see attraction first.
  • Get your fast passes. They are located at distribution centers, not at the actual ride.
  • Find your Dole Whip. It’s out of this world!
  • Get a photopass card. You only pay for the photos you want after you go online and see them.

When you leave.

  • Don’t get stuck on the express monorail line to go to parking.  The resort line stops at the same spot! We saved a ton of time by asking.
  • Pack your bag for the next day. Don’t forget an umbrella.
  • Charge your battery camera and phone.
  • Force your children to thank you if they haven’t thought of it on their own.
  • If you’re still alive and able, walk to your car.  Unless you have impeccable timing, the tram takes longer.
  • Go to bed. If you don’t get sleep you will perish in this place.

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