Not Intent on Arriving

A good weekend, with too much running around:  Friday, after post-work drinks with some of my favorite ladies, I headed down to the

Emerging Writers Series

at KGB Bar.  It was the first time I’ve been there for that series, and it was a really great experience.  All the readers were phenomenal, and of course now I’m terrified for when I’m reading there next month (December 2nd, if anyone is interested in coming).  I know, though, that everyone will be supportive.  I’m so grateful to have found such a kind, supportive community in what I know can be a competitive field.  Everyone from NYU has been so great.

Saturday, I headed back upstate for Liz’s 50th birthday party, meeting up with my mother for a little shopping and lunch at the new complex at Ridge Hill.  The mall is nice, and fits my Westchester aesthetic (LL Bean, Sur La Table, and Whole Foods? Yes, please.), but parking there is an absolute nightmare.  I went for a run, and realized I actually really, really prefer running at home to running in the city, even if Central Park is wonderful.  After watching the marathon last weekend, I’d like to be able to run it myself in 2013, so I’m back on the running bandwagon, in between the poetry bandwagoning and the work bandwagoning.  And, of course, Liz’s party was wonderful.  Liz has been my mother’s closest friend since a few months before I was born, and so I’ve grown up really idolizing her.  The friends and family that come to her parties feel like my friends and family, and so it was really great to catch up with them.

And on Sunday, I went for half a hike with Cece and her boyfriend, Justin.  I say half a hike because we never actually made it to our destination.  Apparently we could have parked at the halfway mark, and gone up from there, but we didn’t.  When we did reach the parking lot, though, we (okay, Justin and I) were so demoralized, we couldn’t go the rest of the way.  While we didn’t quite get the scenic views we were hoping for, I had a great time, and felt incredibly sore the next day.  The soreness is how I judge a good day.  And now we have plans to do the second half over Thanksgiving weekend.

You’ll notice I didn’t do much work this weekend, and also that I’ve been blogging at the fantastic rate of about 1 entry a week.  Ahem.  Yeah.  About that.  I have a lot to catch up on.  I’ve been doing some writing (not, unfortunately, at the rate of one poem a day in honor of Nanowrimo, but some), and I’m glad to be getting more out onto the page.  But, as a result, my editing (both my work and my classmates’) has fallen completely by the wayside.  Luckily, I’ve given myself my first ever staycation for next week, and I’ve got big, big plans to get some work done.  Poem-writing, poem-revision, poem-commenting, poem-reading, in addition to getting caught up on C&R, visiting Shelby for a bridesmaid weekend, taking a master class on the sonnet, writing up some syllabi for my teaching seminar, sending our our three-month-old moving announcements, sleeping late, replying to about a million emails, and celebrating Thanksgiving: I cannot wait!