Newsletter 5-1-2022

Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all. ~ Aristotle

With that quote in mind, I’d like to share with you our most-read post in the past few weeks. A Love Story by Genevieve is a profound story of how one mother came to the decision to homeschool and what that journey meant to her and her family.

Our second most-read post is the story of how one family chose to homeschool when public school was not meeting the emotional need of their family and how that’s worked for them. When Life Takes an Unexpected Turn by Kiki Lynn will hopefully give parents the courage to realize that they too can homeschool their children.

Those two posts were a part of our Classical Foundations series on Why Homeschool?

All over the internet and in real life, the contributors to Sandbox to Socrates are seeing parents asking these important questions about their children’s education, more than we’ve ever seen before. We want to help empower parents to make these decisions on behalf of their children and to give them a tried-and-true path to walk on: the ancient road of classical homeschooling. A Classical Education has stood the test of time and has been proven year after year. Our article by Lisa, Peace of Mind Pedagogy, sums it up well! If you know a family that is struggling with the idea of homeschooling, share this series with them, please!

~Found Around the Internet~

Protect Your Child’s Playtime is an article that I recently read on the internet that I know Ms Charlotte Mason would approve of, and I think you’ll find it validating if you’re a mother of young children.

This Book Was A Tree is a wonderful activity book for the whole family that would fall under a few homeschooling philosophies, especially classical!

Anthony Esolen has written another wonderful article on education that is a shot in the arm for a classical homeschooler and also answers some questions on what’s wrong with Common Core. Read Literature and Learn to Love Truth.  To quote, “The trick is to raise people sagacious enough to distinguish between a falsehood even if propped up by sophistication, and a truth even if naively or poorly expressed.”

If your kids love Frozen as much as mine have, you may want to read them Hans Christian Anderson’s The Snow Queen. Ask them if they can spot any similarities!

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Classical Academic Press  not only has wonderful classical homeschooling products, but they also have Schole Academy! Check out the forums of  Classical Educator, sponsored by The Society of Classical Learning and make sure you grab a cup of something while you watch The Liturgical Classroom and Virtue Formation, a lecture by teacher Jenny Rallens.

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