New Layla Cosmetics Polishes

I finally have swatches and brief reviews of those new Layla Cosmetics launches I mentioned in my Layla Cosmoprof post a couple weeks ago!

Over the last year, Layla has become one of my top five favorite polish brands, as in, if I could only keep and buy polishes from five brands of polish, this would be one of them!

Of Layla’s new launches (see more about the brand’s new offerings in my Cosmoprof post about Layla here), Layla Softouch Effect is the launch I was most excited about. This line of polish is caught somewhere between a matte and a glossy, and the color texture ranges from creamy to shimmery.

Here’s 05 Cherry Diva:

Cherry Diva is a beautiful red-pink with golden shimmer. And the finish is a waxy, soft finish. The shimmer helps it shine just enough. It’s just beautiful. I loved this so much, I ordered a couple other Softouch Effect polishes from Ninja Polish recently, including 10 Turquoise Splash:

Turquoise Splash is a beautiful, blue-green that glows and has a golden shimmer to it, as well. My accent finger is Claire’s Sun-Changing in Sun-Sation.

I wish I had one of the cremes to share but the two I wanted were sold out when I made my purchase. I will get them, though, and share when I do!

The Softouch Effects wore well. I wore both these polishes for a day, and they looked great when I was ready to take ithem off. I’ve worn matte and rubber finish polishes and had less luck with wear; it disappoints me that within a day, these types of polish chip on me. Definitely not Softouch Effect. SOLD!

New Ceramic Effect colors

Ceramic Effect is my favorite line from Layla, because the formula is amazing and the colors are beautiful. Here’s new polish CE 52 The Butterfly Effect:

Wowsers. I am SUCH a sucker for a flakie polish and this is a beauty. This is one of their new holiday polishes. The brand also released some colors for fall.

New Hologram Effect colors

Layla aded eight new colors to its Hologram Effect line, and I have one of the new ones, 14 Cloudy Violet:

Cloudy Violet is a beautiful, dusty purple holo polish. I especially love that last pic! My goal is to own all of these but at $15.50 a pop, I’ve been pacing myself in collecting them.

The key to perfect applicaiton of the Hologram Effect polishes is the Layla two-sided nail file. The base file is a must. I tried using these over a base coat and it was a disaster. In fact, Layla says you don’t need to use a base coat or top coat over any of its polishes. While I do not use a base coat with the holos, I do use a top coat, on all of my Layla’s. Just a habit, I think! Top coat will momentarily diminish the holo in these polishes, but they will bounce right back – as evidenced in my photos!

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New Magneffect, and Magneffect Softouch Effect

Layla also launched 12 new colors of its Magneffect polish line for fall. I have 19 Mojito Green, to share! I’ve worn this one with one design on all my nails, but I swatched it for blog photos so I could show each of the four new magnet designs that the brand also launched:

The magnets I used were the heart on the index finger, pound sign on the middle finger, starburst on the ring finger and arrow heads on the pinky finger.

The only thing I was disappointed about? The images were strong when I first magnetized the polishes, but then the particles scattered, leaving a weak image behind. Top coat can also tend to scatter magnetic images on polish, so I also would recommend against it or at least waiting quite a bit for the polish to dry before sealing it.

Layla has expanded its Magneffect line not just with new colors, but with the addition of the Magneffect Softouch Effect line, as well. I have 04 Deep Violet Touch to share:

I used the lines design on the cap in different directions on my nails for this one. Did I mention how much I LOVE the Softouch Effect finish?! And in a magnetic – it’s really innovative!

New Mirror Effect

Finally, Layla has launched a new line called Mirror Effect, which is a chrome polish! I have 05 Purple Diva swatches. The first two swatches are over base coat:

Imperfect application for me. I realized this is another line that Layla created a nail file for, so I took this off and reapplied it, using the Mirror Effect nail file, instead, as a base:

This type of polish is very tricky, because it will show all your flaws. My ring finger, my favorite accent finger, is horrendous in this polish. I almost think it looked better with the base coat, but trust me, it was a pain to apply. I would love to wear Mirror Effect more, but my nail imperfections are way too magnified with it. It’s ashame, because I love the concept and the flashy effect it has on the nail.

So what do you think of all the new Layla launches? Have you tried any of the new polishes yet? The Mirror Effect or the Softouch Effects? I’d love to hear what you think, and what you like best! Share your thoughts below!

Disclaimer: Some of the Laylas in this post were gifted to me for review by PR Firms/Manufacturers/e-tailers. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how keeps it real!