New Jesse’s Girl JulieG Nail Polish Shades

The social media team behind Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics finally started an Instagram account (@IWantJessesGirl) for the brand, and the first thing I see on it? A photo of the 27 new shades of JulieG Nail Polish available NOW at Rite Aid.

So, I happened to need a trip to the drug store (haha, yeah right!), and I decided to take a few minutes away from my desk and hit the Rite Aid up the road during lunch. It was worth it – I hit the polish jackpot! All 27 new shades!

When I tell you that I put my purse down on the floor, and knelt umcomfortably to look at all the colors (my one Rite Aid puts them on the bottom shelf, blah!) and decide which ones I wanted, I’m not kidding.

The wedding has put me on quite the budget, which I seemed to forget about as I picked up nine of the new shades, at $3.99 a piece. Still. I could have gotten all 27…right?!

How about swatches?!

Love Potion:

Love Potion is a milky, sheer super light pink. Shown here in two coats, it’s almost opaque. This would be a great jelly sammich polish, or a base for some awesome nail art. Or totally work appropriate, if that’s how your office rolls! Please don’t go all “this might work in one coat for a French Manicure” on me with this one. Friends don’t let friends do French Manicures right now, it’s just not in style.

Freshly Squeezed:

Freshly Squeezed is an orange sherbet color, with this amazing pink shimmer in it! This is two coats, so it’s still a little sheer, but really cool. I included a couple sunlight photos so you could see that shimmer!

Sushi for Two:

Sushi for Two is a gorgeous orange mandarin creme. Shown here in two coats, it was easy to apply. I honestly feel like applying this is similar to applying an Essie creme. Like butter!

Southwest Sunset:

Southwest Sunset is a gorgeous pinky copper frost. It’s got some brush strokes, as you can see, but I didn’t use top coat, and sometimes those go away with top coat. Two coats.

Umbrella Drink:

Umbrella Drink is a peach with white shimmer. I love this color for spring and summer! Two coats here.

Shark’s Cove:

Shark’s Cove is a hot sister of Umbrella Drink. A pretty minty green blue, with white shimmer. I’ve had the good luck of meeting Jesse, the brand owner, in the past, and I’m hoping that this weekend, I will finally meet one of Jesse’s Girls, his daughter, who said this one is one of her favorites! Couldn’t agree more, and it’s another two-coater. Only thing that stunk was my brush on this one was weird; it was very thin and made for slow application. I’m pretty sure that since my eight other polishes were OK, my Shark’s Cove brush was something of a freak accident.


 I’m sorry, Holla-Peno. I mistakenly first posted your swatch as “Hello-Pena” on Instagram. However, you should feel confident in how hot peppery and HOLLA you look – the perfect grassy green creme, shown here in two coats. Ok. So who knows what it means to look hot peppery and HOLLA, but you’re gorgeous.

Cabana Boy:

Cabana Boy is pretty effing amazing. My pics show it a little lighter than it is, it’s a beautiful blue. It’s a BeautyJudy blue. This is two coats. Another creme that applied like a dream. Only downside? Cabana Boy smelled a little skunky. I let my contact there know, and they are going to look into it. It’s weird, I didn’t smell that with any others I tried!

Tokyo Nights:

Tokyo Nights is my favorite polish from the bunch I choose. This blue is so royal, so sharp, so creamy. It’s one of those polishes that I put aside to wear for a special time, and I’m guaranteeing you that the special time I will wear this is Saturday, at Fashion Week! I included the pic I posted on Instagram of this one, because I think that represents the true color of the polish best!

So there you go. Overall, I’m happy with the polishes I chose! There’s a black creme and a white creme among the new shades, too, and some great glitters. It was hard to stop at nine!

Have you tried the JulieG line yet?! Which one from these nine do you love?! I’d love to hear your thoughts!