Need Another Holiday: You Might Not Know It Yet, But Munich Loves You!

When I recently visited Munich, I thought I only really went for the

Christmas Markets

. Yet only a couple of hours after arriving,

I unexpectedly found myself walking around the centre of the city, telling my husband I could totally live there. And he completely agreed.

Looking out across Munich’s historic centre; the New Town Hall to the right, Frauenkirche Cathedral to the left

So what was it about Munich that I found so mesmerising?

Well, for starters, the standard of living is exceptionally good, so there’s no doubt life can be pretty peachy here. Crime rates are also low which means it’s a safe place to call home. For me though, it was more of a



And it’s only since I came home that I’ve discovered the city’s motto is “Munchen mag dich” which means “Munich loves you”.

Prior to 2006, the motto was “Weltstadt mit Herz” or “World city with a heart”  – You get the picture. And as a visitor, that’s exactly the impression I got.

The wonderful building of the Old Town Hall

Of course, I think it helped that I could pull off looking local too. You see, I spent much of last year’s holiday time in




 and this classic English Rose (ok, milky white) glow and blonde hair combo really screamed tourist! In Germany however, I could fit right in. And I quite enjoyed it when the locals started up conversations with me in their native tongue, so much so that I felt a pang every time I hit my language limit and had to start speaking in English.

Looking up, as always, through the trees

One thing that didn’t surprise me about this city was that everything just worked. And the S-Bahn and U-Bahn trains were a shining example. I hadn’t been to Germany before, and I really wanted to experience public transport efficiency, given that it’s often a sore point in the UK (It’s good here, but I always think it could be better). I was not disappointed in Munich. Getting around the city was simple and super fast. Another box ticked for me!

Postcard worthy German street scenes

It was also an easy city to get to know by walking

– and I have to thank the fabulous

Julika from Sateless Suitcase

 for pointing me in the direction of

Sandeman’s New Europe walking tours

. With an enthusiastic guide, we wandered the streets; learning and looking up. Let me tell you, this is one very pretty city! Best of all, the tour is free! It works on a tips only basis, so your guide is sure to do a good job.The walk was hugely satisfying and I completely recommend it. You’ll discover heaps about Munich’s history (and heaps about German beer)!

An unexpected sight on our walking tour!
City colour in Munich’s buildings

Moving on to the drinking…Well, Munich is famous for beer! And if I ever return, I’ll try to visit the beer gardens in the Summer sunshine. In December, we stuck to the brauhaus option. And again, I fell in love with Germany! Not just for the beer, but for the whole experience – shared benches and tables mean mixing with other people and this completely confirms that

Germans are a friendly and welcoming bunch. 

As for the the food they serve? Well, it got the thumbs up from me in terms of winter comfort – pork shoulder and dumplings with sauerkraut? Traditional and oh so tasty (yet another box ticked for me


my meat loving man)!

Happiness found in a hearty dinner and a half drunk beer. Munich magic!

This was a trip largely driven by a wish to go anywhere in Germany that would be cheap to get to whilst fitting into a very tight window of dates. But as it turned out, Munich was one of my biggest city break success stories, and a place I’d love to return to. 

Oktoberfest anyone?

Have you been to Munich? Did you enjoy it?