Need Another Holiday: What Are You Travelling In?

Ok, so I’m not referring to what you’re travelling in with regard to planes, trains or automobiles; rather what in terms of the clothes you’ll
be in on your journey!

Do you have a bit of a
travelling uniform?
What wardrobe essentials make you a happy traveller? Do
you possess the equivalent of a clothing “comfort blanket” that you wear all
the time when you’re on the move?

No doubt the time of year and
destination play a large part in your decision making, unless you’re one of
those folks who goes on summer holidays and forgets about the travelling home part
of the journey (shorts, flip-flops and UK weather? I’m talking to you! We know you’re freezing!
Don’t pretend you’re not!)

My own travelling outfits are dictated by the time of year
I travel, the corresponding climate and my never ending desire to look like one
of those effortlessly stylish women you see floating about in European capital
My fail safes are generally built around two types of trips.

So…Here’s what I’m travelling in:

For A Spring/Autumn City Break

Classic Trench Coat

Mine is a Marks & Spencer’s Autograph (available in the UK) rainproof version. It keeps me going while I dream of Burberry (one
day), and helps me channel my inner Audrey Hepburn.

My trusty trench coat. Rain ready and raring to go!

Ballet Pumps

Ok, so I’m not
French. But I can try to at least look French, and these are a good start. Plus, they are practical, cute and smart.

Jersey ¾ Sleeve Top

Jersey is a comfort win! Usually, I go for something with an interesting print or detail. That way, I feel a bit
more fancy and a bit less tee-shirt.


Layers, layers, always layers
– and always in a colour that will go with everything else I’ve packed (erm…
that’ll be black, then).

Stretchy Skinny Jeans

With the right amount of
stretch, these are comfy travelling pants that you’ll keep wearing after you arrive. Plus, if
the sun’s out, I always turn the bottoms up and in. Voila! Now they’re cropped jeans! (teamed with
ballet pumps – ultimate Spring or Autumn city chic)!

Print Scarf 

The more massive the better. Turn it into a shawl; roll it into a pillow. Or, just use it as a tool in the eternal
bid to look stylish.

One of my many dependable scarves

For Summer Sun Holidays

Wide Leg Linen Trousers

What can I say? Comfy style
that never dates, and who cares if they end up creased to bits? That’s the
beauty of linen! Oh, I generally steer clear of white, though. Just in case you
can see my knickers through them (not good), or more likely, in case I spill my
dinner (shamefully, this has been known to happen more often than is
acceptable. Oops).

Vest Top

Simple. Comfortable. Cool. Enough

Cotton or Linen Fitted Shirt

Layers again (just in case
it’s cold on the flight), and a cover up against the burning sun if it’s too hot when
you arrive.

Denim Jacket

This always works, so I work
it hard. My denim jacket will be my friend until it’s so worn out that it
actually falls off me and I’m forced to buy another. Oh, and when it’s not being
worn, it shoves into any bag pretty easily!

Leather Sandals

In a rich tan brown colour
that goes with everything. These are good for when you’re messing about
manoeuvring luggage because they strap on your feet well, and are a bit more sturdy than flip-flops.

My essential travelling shoes – sandals and ballet pumps

And finally…

Thick, Fluffy Socks 

I get cold feet on planes, so
a big pair of fluffy socks will always be in my bag.

I should probably also
mention (though it goes without saying) that sunglasses have to be my ultimate
travelling outfit accessory.
They are functional, fashionable and will
always be friends for eyes that have been forced to stay open far too long!

So, what do you travel in?
Let me know in the comments!