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5 Ways to Bring Sunshine Indoors!

Are you counting down the weeks until your next beach holiday? Or is money a bit too tight to allow for a proper stint in the sun this year? No matter what your situation, you can still find a few ways to bring the sunshine indoors. Perfect for the likes of me as I wait for summer!

Here’s how to have a little fun in the sun from within your own four walls…

#1 – Get cooking

Right now, I’m into taking a bit of kitchen inspiration from the Med. It’s amazing what a few chunks of chorizo can do when it’s raining outside. Paella and a Greek lamb stew are just a couple of holiday tastes I’m planning to recreate chez moi over the next couple of weeks.

Mr Holiday Addict could be in for a homemade holiday feast…

#2 – Get reading

There’s no better form of escapism than a good book. Make it one with a sunny setting and drift off to sleep dreaming of different places. If you’re not sure where you want to transport yourself to, have a read of some short stories instead. My fave holiday read from last year was Shy Feet by Frances M Thompson and I have to say, I’ve dipped back into a few of the stories for a second read, just to give me that lovely, travelly buzz.

Shy Feet. Short stories inspired by travel. Love it.

#3 – Get a pedicure

Hmmm. I am sure the ladies out there will agree that one shouldn’t swap the winter boots for spangly sandals without giving those feet a bit of attention. So get yourself booked in to a spa, or get cracking on those cracked heels yourself. And paint those toenails in the brightest, beachiest hue you can find.

Randomly, I’ve been watching the snooker world championships this week (one of my quirks – I love a bit of snooker) and I’ve decided “snooker ball pink” is the colour I need for summer!

I plan on recreating this moment at home by filling up the washing up bowl and having a wee splash.

#4 – Get (P)inspired

So what if your next sunshine trip isn’t booked? It doesn’t mean you can’t do a bit of planning. Use Pinterest to collect your dream beach holiday ideas. Make a board or two and keep adding to them every time you need a solar injection. Check out my favourite summer board for inspiration – Gorgeous Greece.

My Greek Pinterest board – my way of visiting Greece any time I want!

#5 – Get the old photo albums out

Sometimes, the best way to bring a smile as bright as sunshine to your little face is to look at some snaps of hols gone by. And not the scenery shots either – what you really need are the ones where you’re bunched up with friends or family, all shiny faced and suntanned, grinning like crazy.

Dig ‘em out, get the Macarena on your You Tube juke box, and pretend the big light in the living room is the Spanish sun!

Photographic memories of family holidays are a wonderful way to relive fun in the sun!

 How would you bring sunshine indoors? Let me know in the comments!

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