Need Another Holiday: Do Dublin. The Guinness Really Does Taste Better!

I might have left a small
piece of my heart in the city of Venice,
but Dublin will always be my spiritual home.
I’ve been there enough
times to believe that I am actually
Irish now (Oh I’ve got the tenuous family links too, if you need proof!), but until
this June, I hadn’t been to the Emerald Isle since 2007. Five long years.
Another visit was well overdue.

I first went for a birthday weekend with
friends and a love affair with this city began. I know how it sounds to
describe a place as “friendly”, but I think it’s appropriate here.  

Dublin is a capital city without being too
, as many big cities often are. You can find your bearings pretty
easily and I’ve always found that the locals seem happy to have you.

Even on my first trip,
something about Dublin felt familiar – perhaps because for me it seems to have much in common with my
native Liverpool

These days, it seems a shame that the Irish capital has become synonymous with hen and stag parties, and while it’s true that they still come to enjoy the nightlife, I will always maintain that everyone can have fun in Dublin.

Here are some things to do on your trip:

Learn how the famous beverage
came to be. Understand the history and discover that the Guinness definitely does
taste better in Ireland,
when you get a chance to drink it in the Gravity Bar overlooking the city.

So good, I had to have a swig before I could even take a picture

2. Drink at least one pint (preferably several) of the
Black Stuff

Go into any pub.
Ask for a
Let it settle.
Then do it

Wander around the city from place to place and pub to pub, as the fancy takes you…Then
stagger home.

3. Eat a hearty lunch

They say you don’t need to
eat if you drink Guinness. But then you’d miss hearty stews and the tastes of
tradition you get in places like Gallagher’s Boxty House

Irish food is like a big hug for your belly.

4. Tap your feet to some live music in Temple Bar

There’s live music everywhere
in the Temple Bar area. Mingle with tourists and locals alike and dance with a
random while you sing about the Fields of Athenry.

5. Take a trip on the Dublin Bus hop on, hop off tour

Make sure you choose a bus
with the live commentary and be prepared to hop off with your jaw aching from
excessive laughter. The drivers are fantastic and you can use your ticket to
get to and from all the major sights.

Besides these ideas, there’s much more you can do in Dublin (when you’re not marvelling at the bar staff; they serve about six people at once – pubs in England should take note).

Museums are plentiful. You can while away the hours watching the world go by on a park bench in St Stephen’s Green, or you can shop ’til you drop  – whether you flash the cash in upmarket Brown Thomas, or buy souvenir nick nacks in one of the many branches of Carrolls

Put simply, there’s plenty of craic to be had in Dublin

Listen to the Leprechaun!

For places to stay, try Blooms Hotel for good value,The Morgan for a posh, boutique feel (this is next on my list now I’ve tried cocktails at their bar), or push the boat out and stay in luxury at The Clarence.
(These recommendations are all my own)