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Every woman needs a tribe to support her; I sincerely feel that part of a woman’s success and growing is dependent upon who has her back. I know that I couldn’t do life in general without my two sisters, who are also my best friends. When Teva Women’s Health approached me and asked me to partner with them for their Wing Women campaign, I couldn’t say no! I feel like every woman needs to have their “person.” A friendship like Meredith Grey & Cristina Yang. Who is your person, or Wing Woman? I don’t have one wing woman, but two- my sisters.

I’ve always felt super sad for anyone who doesn’t have a sister. I feel like not only are my sisters my best friends, but they are my soul mates. They would never let me down, and I know that they will always be there for me no matter what. Every night I thank God for them; without their unconditional love and support, I truly don’t know where I would be today.

I’ve talked about my sisters here and there throughout my blog, but I don’t think I’ve ever “formally” introduced them to you guys. Meet Kaylie, age 20, and Chloe, age 18. Despite the 4-6 year age gap between us, they are mature beyond their years and have hearts of gold. Awhile back when I was thinking about who to choose for my Maid of Honor, I decided that the only logical decision was to make them co-MOHs. I can’t imagine choosing one over the other, since they both have always done so much for me. I think some might think this is a fairly odd decision. (I’ve heard from others, “Just choose a friend!”) But I couldn’t do that to my sisters! I’m so excited to get in the thick of wedding planning with them.

My sisters and I have all been through so much, and they have done absolutely crazy things for me. For one, they supported my blog from day 1 when I started it, and helped me with promoting my posts to friends, taking blog photos, and reading every single post. They also are always, always, ALWAYS there for me when I need to vent about anything. They have been my shoulder to cry on, they have made me peed my pants laughing, and we have gotten in arguments. But through the thick and thin, we are in the long haul together. Together we have been through breakups, deaths, graduations, and new beginnings. Next year, Chloe will be starting her freshman year of college, and with Kaylie already being gone, it’s going to be so difficult to not have both of them in close proximity to me!

I think it’s so funny because I’m really a healthy mix of both of their personalties. Kaylie is really laid back and approaches life by living in the moment. She’s really into rock music and is studying music PR & business. She’s very free-spirited, fun to be around, and someone whom you can stay up until sunrise having the deepest conversation of your life with. Chloe is super ambitious, intelligent, and the most hilarious person I’ve ever met in my life. She’s the kindest soul and is so wise beyond her years. I can talk to her about my problems and she understands, even with the age gap. Of course I can’t nearly begin to describe their personalites into one simple blog post; there are so many amazing qualities that make up who they are! I really feel like I’m a mix of both of their personalities. (We also have been told that we all look nothing alike, so there is an ongoing joke that one of us was adopted.)

I couldn’t imagine my life without my dear sisters, and this post is dedicated to them. Now it’s your turn- I would love to hear from you! Who is your Wing Woman or Wing Women? Leave me a comment below!

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