My Secret SMART Goals Revealed

My Secret SMART Goals Revealed

by Cait on August 24, 2012

It’s no surprise that I share almost everything about my life here. Treating this blog more like a diary, at times, there’s almost nothing you all don’t know about me. But I have a secret object in my apartment that nobody has seen… it’s almost too dorky to admit to… but here goes: I have somewhat of a vision board. *Covers eyes to avoid your judging stares*

In all seriousness, I have always thought vision boards were lame. But, after piecing together this financial vision board for LearnVest, and writing a post about SMART goals, I decided to try coming up with a few goals for myself. At first, I wrote down things that read more like bucket list items. While I’d love to travel to Ireland and volunteer with elephants in Thailand, neither of those were going to happen in 2012.

The difference between my “vision” board and a typical one is there are no pictures on it. First, I wrote out 10 specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-bound goals on post-it notes and pinned them onto a cork board. Then, I surrounded my goals with a few of my favourite quotes (including “Have Less Debt. Do More. Be More.”). It’s not pretty but it is a great reminder of what I’m working towards.

Want to know which goals made the board?

  1. Pay Off All Credit Card Debt – Done! It was interesting re-reading my original post about SMART goals because, back then, I didn’t think I was going to accomplish this until August 31st of this year. But I kicked my credit card debt’s butt to the curb in April!
  2. Pay Off Another $10,000 of Debt – In Progress. In 2011, I paid off just over $10,000 of my original debt. My goal for 2012 was to do that again and, since I’m already at ~$8,500, there is no doubt I will reach this goal before the end of this year.
  3. Save $1,300 in RRSPs – In Progress. So far this year, I’ve gone from putting $50 monthly to $100 bi-weekly into my RRSPs. Not only will I reach this goal, I will surpass it before the end of the year.
  4. Save $1,600 in Emergency Fund – In Progress. I’ve been putting $50 into a savings account, every two weeks since October. While $1,600 may not sound like a lot of money, it’s important for me to have a least a little something set aside throughout my debt repayment progress.
  5. Save/Buy a New Bed – In Progress. I have $500 saved so far and am planning on buying a new bed in either January or February.
  6. Start Dog Walking Again – Fail. Before going back to school, I volunteered as a dog walker at the Victoria BC SPCA at least a couple times each week. I still plan on going back this year but not until I’m home from Toronto.
  7. Weigh 175 lbs. – In Progress. I’m still 12 lbs. away from making this goal a reality but, with a couple extra pushes, I’m sure I will get there.
  8. #FinCon12 – Booked! I’ll be in Denver September 5-9.
  9. New York City – Fail. This goal is mostly led by the fact that I’m dying to meet everyone at LearnVest but is unfortunately not something I can budget for this year. Maybe in 2013!
  10. Toronto – Booked! I’ll be in Toronto September 13-24.

Wow. None are those were huge secrets, eh?

What are some goals you’re still working towards this year?