My Life in Boxes: The Final Decluttering Challenge

A funny thing happened when I started toying with the idea of moving back to Victoria: I packed up my entire condo before even giving notice. One day, I told Sarah I was thinking about moving; a few days later, she came over and found almost everything in boxes in my dining room. “Whoa, so you’re really going!?” she asked. And for a few weeks, my answer was still, “I don’t know”. But everything other than my clothes, kitchen stuff, basic toiletries, and electronics remained in those boxes for June and July, before I finally decided to put them in a truck and bring them over to Victoria.

I’ve been here for almost a month now, and another funny thing has happened in that time: I haven’t unpacked those boxes. Other than my clothes, kitchen stuff, basic toiletries and electronics, everything is still packed… and I haven’t missed any of it.

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Without meaning to, I’m essentially doing the same thing Ryan did when he decided to embrace minimalism. First, he packed 100% of his belongings in boxes. Then, over a period of three weeks, he pulled out everything he needed – and it ended up being just 20% of what he owned. When the three weeks were up, he sold and donated the other 80% of his belongings and has been a minimalist ever since. I’ve already gotten rid of 70% of my belongings, and I honestly thought I couldn’t get rid of anything more… but I can’t remember what’s in half of those boxes.

So, I think it’s time for one final decluttering challenge – and I would love for you to join me!

20 Days to Downsize

When I did my first massive declutter/purge last summer, I had originally set out to do it over the course of two months. I soon realized it would be better to tackle it all as quickly as possible, though, and got rid of the first 43% of my belongings in less than a month.

Between now and August 31st, I want to go through those boxes and see if there’s anything more I can get rid of. I’m not going to set any goals, such as trying to get rid of 50% of the contents, or anything like that… I just want to see/touch every single item in those boxes and try to figure out why I’m holding onto it all. I know there are things like the blanket I use when I nap on my couch, which I just haven’t pulled out yet, as well as some books and my high school yearbooks – and I’ll be keeping all of that – but what else is in there!? It’s time to open every box and find out.

I have 20 days to do this one final declutter. Since there are only 8 small boxes to go through, it shouldn’t take long… maybe only an afternoon or two, including the time it’ll take to donate what I decide to get rid of. (Also, at 1.5 cubic feet per box, the majority of my belongings only take up 12 cubic feet; that’s pretty crazy to think about, when you consider that the average size of a home is 2,600 square feet.) I’ll take some pictures along the way and fill you in on the process, when it’s all said and done – but I’d love to hear about/see some of you declutter during this time, as well!

If you’ve been thinking about decluttering, I’m challenging you to tackle one area of your home in the next 20 days. The idea can seem overwhelming – paralyzing, even – so start small. Pick one closet or one room… heck, you could even declutter one drawer. Just start somewhere. And I’d love if you shared your progress by tagging me in a post on Twitter or Instagram!

I know I don’t technically need to get rid of this stuff… but how great would it be to own nothing more than the things you use on a monthly basis? I thought I had already downsized to that, but we’ll see what I find in the next 20 days.

Are you up for the challenge? What do you want to tackle first?

My New Bedroom

Mermaid Cove and my vintage glass piggy bank made it to Victoria 🙂