One of the first blog posts I ever wrote for Inspiration Indulgence was 7 Places in America to Travel to in 2015. This post was my first hit, and I still smile when I come across it because it was a tribute of all of the awesome places I traveled to in 2014.

Well, I’m back at it! I am a firm believer that it is healthy to reflect back on the past; to look at growth, progress, and change. I think journaling and reflecting is a great way to practice thankfulness and appreciation. Essentially, this blog does act as a journal for me. This past Monday I wrote how 2015 has been quite the year for me, and today, I’ve reviewing my year in terms of my favorite travel moments! Hope you enjoy my memories and pictures!

1.) Getting engaged on top of the North Bubble point in Acadia National Park, Maine

Honestly, it was a beyond perfect day. I’ll never forget the proposal as long as I live. It was such a special moment. You can read about the proposal more in detail here.

2.) Seeing Times Square for the first time


This was probably one of the most exciting moments of my life. NYC was everything I imagined it would be- loud, crowded, insane, and larger than life!

3.) Doing the Maid of the Mist Tour at Niagara Falls

Talk about adventure! Niagara Falls itself was stunning but getting up close to the Falls was priceless.

4.) Having our Duck break down on the Boston Duck Tour…LOL


Dirty Waters was majorly freaking out.

5.) Going on the Chair Lift ride on the Jersey Shore


It shore was awesome. (I know, I’m not funny at all).

6.) Exploring Maine with my love

This day was so special. I was so excited to finally be in Maine, a place I had dreamed of visiting for so long. It was fun just to explore the shore side of Acadia National Park with Trevor and enjoy some quality time together.

7.) The hardcore #strugglefest of getting a picture by the West Virginia state sign in our 50 State Sign Challenge

Read about this hilarious story here.

8.) Traveling by horse-drawn carriage throughout Mackinac Island


The entire island was without auto transpiration! (With the exception of emergency vehicles).

9.) Experiencing the Top of the Rock in NYC

The view was second to none.

10.) Getting 14 additional states for our 50 State Sign Challenge

(Obviously I only pictured 12 in this collage.) Our total is now at 33 states! Think we can knock them out in 2016?

11.) Seeing the White House in Washington D.C.

12.) Visiting Fenway for a Red Sox game


Being sports fanatics, we love visiting new stadiums and ballparks. We had such a blast at Fenway, even if the Red Sox lost to the Yankees.

13.) Cuddling up to watch the sun rise on the beach in Seaside Heights, New Jersey


We got up at 5am, bought some cheap gas station coffee, hoped the closed entrance gate, layed down a blanket and watched the sunrise. It was just one of those moments that was really sentimental.

14.) Visiting the Bean in Chicago


I just realized that I never blogged about this weekend getaway! Chicago is my absolute favorite city and we had a blast exploring the city last February.

15.) Exploring Minneahaha Falls, Minnesota

This past February (when we actually had snow!!) we drove to Minnesota and visited the goregous, iced over Minneahaha Falls. Trevor found this hidden gem back when he used to attend the University of Minnesota.

These were my top traveling moments of 2015! I was unbelievably blessed to have visited so many amazing places this year. I truly never took one single second for granted. It’s been a dream to travel this beautiful country with my soulmate, and I’m excited to see where we will journey to in the future! Have you traveled anywhere note worthy this year? Leave me a comment below!

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