My favorite nail polishes of 2022

The title of this post was going to be, “My top 10 polishes of 2012.” But then, I loved way more than 10 polishes this year!

Then I thought, how about 20?

No, no. That wouldn’t do.

Finally, I just decided to do away with the number and just share what moved me this year!

The one at the top of the post? That was the clear winner – Cult Nails Flushed is my favorite polish from 2012!

It’s also the inspiration for my wedding colors! I’m going to do a deep blue, with a pinky-purple, just like the shimmer of Flushed. I’m going to use a silver accent; I’m envisioning bridesmaids in deep blue dresses, tables covered in pinky-purple linens, and guests using silver napkins. Pink jewelry for the bridesmaids and THIS beauty on their nails the day I get married:

Cult Nails appears more than once in my 2012 favorites, but this is my absolute favorite!

The rest of these are in no particular order – they all make me smile and I LOVED having them on my digits! Also, I’ve hyperlinked each one to the original blog post, if it has one, in case you’re curious what collection they are from, where to buy, or if you want to see more photos!

Ninja Polish Zultanite:

Pretty duochrome glitter – perfect top coat to make a darker color brilliant.

Layla Cosmetics Ceramic Effects #52 – Butterfly Effect:

Flakie multichrome. Need I say more?!

Layla Cosmetics Soft Touch Effect #05 – Cherry Diva:

Nice alternative to the matte, and I LOVED the color.

Layla Cosmetics Hologram Effect Cloudy Violet:

Such a vibrant, bright holo!

OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest: 

This wine color glows from within!

Zoya Fei Fei:

There are so many reasons to love this polish – I could count the ways by shimmer. Blue, gold… 

Jessica Witchy Wisteria:

Purple with a copper shimmer. Beautiful!

Models Own Indian Ocean:

This is stunning over a baby blue base. Duo and magical!

Cult Nails Princess:

Baby blue with a hint of copper shimmer. Sold!

Cult Nails Deal With It:

One of the best greens made this year.

Orly Mysterious Curse:

Opaque, vibrant duochrome blue and purple. So gorgeous!

Jesse’s Girl 9 to 5:

This surprised me – in the bottle it’s peach on the nail it looks like a peach neon!

KB Shimmer Candy Cane Crush:

Smells strongly of vanilla mint but this “crushed candy cane” concept is spot on and festive!

Rescue Beauty Lounge Aqua Lily:

OHMYGOD. Simply stunning.

 China Glaze Full Spectrum:

It’s hard to pick my favorite from the Eye Candy collection, so let’s just say this was one of them.

LVX Midori:

Something about this green. It looked great and matches my Nalgene! 

Color Club Blue Heaven:

Color Club’s entire holo collection this year blew me away, but I’m partial to blues.

The Painted Nail Coco:

Katie Cazorla and The Painted Nail hit it out of the park with their new collection of nail lacquers. This one, Coco, was my favorite. It looks even more amazing over blurple!

Zoya Gilty (18K gold top coat):

My favorite gold top coat this year!

Orly Synchro:

A pretty, soft duochrome of lilac and pink.

OPI Live and Let Die:

The other best green made this year!

Zoya Storm:

This looks like the cosmos to me, and I love me some night time sky!

Cult Nails Charlatan:

Best. Color-change. Top coat. LOVE

Nabi Lilac Jumbo Glitter:

The most amazing mani I wore all year, quite possibly. I kept it on for days and I called this Unicorn Farts.

Ruby Wing Festival:

Sun-changing glitter. My nails were blingtastic.

See any in my list (of 27!) that is on your list of 2012 favorites?! I noticed a definite theme in mine – duochrome and glitter! But mostly duochrome. It’s my favorite, for sure!

I’d love to hear what YOUR favorites are from 2012! Comment below!