My Charm Story

When I was young, my Mum had a silver charm bracelet full of charms and I loved it.  I used to ask to wear it often and get her to tell me the stories behind each charm.  She had a stork carrying a baby to signify my birth, a pair of ballet shoes as she always loved to dance and a little house that opened up and had a table and chairs inside to remember her first house. I love all the stories that come with each charm and, when my husband bought my Pandora charm bracelet as a gift for me, I couldn’t wait to start logging my memories into a piece of jewellery.  I thought I’d share here my charm story and maybe inspire others to do the same!

A gave me my bracelet the day after O was born, and on it was my very first charm – a little pram marked with a love heart!  I loved it and couldn’t wait to wear it.  Although, it does look a little bare with only the one charm!  Now, O is coming up 5 years old in August so I’ve had plenty of time to collect charms since and it’s now almost full.

I chose the musical notes charm as I absolutely love music.  Everything to do with music.  I’ve always loved listening to music and when I was around 9 or 10 years old, I started taking singing lessons.  With that, I competed all over the North West from local competitions in Whitehaven and Carlisle, to others further afield in Blackpool and Morecambe.  I’ve been in so many amateur shows, I’ve lost count, and so I had to have a charm to symbolise how much a part of my life music has always been.

As was on her bracelet, my Mum bought me a hanging charm of ballet shoes that
Christmas.  I’ve danced since I was very young, around 2 years old, and so this was very fitting for me too!  For my very first Mother’s Day, I picked out a little duck.  I like to think of it as a rubber duck like the one’s O used to play with in the bath when he was little.

When O was 2, we moved house into (what I hope is) our forever home.  Or at least our very-long-time home.  Hence the little house charm, and next to that I have a hanging star charm that is filled with crystals.  Diamond is my birthstone, and as this was bought as a birthday gift for me, the little crystals are perfect!  I then have another charm dedicated to music, although this time it’s to remember my first Foo Fighters concert.  I’ve seen many bands live, like Black Sabbath, Down, Motorhead, SOAD, Slayer and Slipknot to name a few, but I’d always wanted to see the Foos and never managed to get hold of tickets.  My lovely hubby managed to get hold of some for us to see them last year, just a couple of shows ahead of Dave Grohl jumping/falling off stage and breaking his leg.  I bought this charm on the day, ahead of the gig and it’s by far the best concert I’ve ever attended.

More recently, in March, I gave birth to our second son Q.  I had pretty much ordered hubs to go and buy me another charm for my bracelet whilst I was still in hospital and that he did!  He picked out this cute little heart-shaped charm engraved with a handprint and blue gemstone.  On the other side it reads “It’s a Boy!”!  Perfect to signify the birth of our new little boy.  Next to that, my Mum bought my a hanging charm of a palm tree – brought back from the Carribean!  I love to travel, and can’t wait to take Q on his first holiday abroad to Majorca this August.  O is very lucky that we’ve been able to take him away a few times and more so in the UK.  I can’t wait to show my boys more of the world and explore it with them.

So there we are! I haven’t talked through each one of my charms as there are just too many.  I’d love to know what charms you have on your bracelets.  So, I’m tagging some lovely bloggers here to share their charm story and their lovely pieces of jewellery too.  Jessica at, Donna at, Sadie at, Lisa at and Faye at  All I ask is that you link back to this post and use the image at the top!  Let’s carry on the tag and see how many others will share their lovely stories.

Have you got a charm bracelet?  What sort of charms do you wear?