My best friend’s makeup stash

When we got home from The Makeup Show Orlando on Sunday, my best friend Cat was excited about what she saw through the lens of her camera, and the moments she captured for BeautyJudy.

She was also excited about her makeup purchases, and she went into her room to whip out her makeup stash. Cat isn’t as into makeup as I am, but she does love it, especially when she finds the right product!

She put the plastic container on a dining room table chair and started pulling products out and showing them to me. She admitted that she held on to things a lot longer than she should. I agreed with her, but when she pulled these out of her stash, I knew we had to go through the entire thing piece by piece, if only for the walk down memory lane…

Revlon Street Wear lippies! Holy cow!

In other words, Cat’s makeup container was like a treasure trove of products you just can’t find anymore!

I don’t remember what these lipsticks are called but I remember we were both obsessed with them, and both had practically all the shades. They were scented lipsticks, and I want to say Bonnie Bell but I just don’t recall:

As soon as I saw this I remembered having one, too:

Bonnie Bell Honey Kiss!

Cat had some old school eye products, as well. I loved these, from Maybelline!

Cooling Effects! I remember having a light green one, I want to say it was Cool Cucumber or something, as well as the white one Cat is swatching here! There were pencils, and I loved my pencils, too.

And what about these eyeshadows from Maybelline?!

I remember trying these once, and they had no staying power. Back then, though, I didn’t know about eyeshadow primer. Maybe it wasn’t invented yet?! Hahahaha just kidding. Anyway, I convinced Cat after she tried swatching them and they were weird and clumpy that she had to toss them!

Here’s a random couple of Prestige Cosmetics palettes:

They sorta look like they are supposed to be little iPods, but I don’t know.

These Physicians Formula eye shadows were some of my favorites, because of their duochrome effect! Remember Virtual Eyes? I had almost all the eyeliners, and some of the shadows:

It’s tough to see in my flash photo there, but it’s a beautiful blue shift.

This next product is something I bought for Cat, and I remember well! I loved the concept:

I remember buying these things for my mom and myself, too, for Christmas. They aren’t terribly old, but a few years at least!

A Word About Sanitation!

So the one thing I told Cat was that despite the unsanitary nature, and my constant stash turn-over, there are a few products I hold onto. She’s not the only one! Like my first Clinique eyeshadow duo I purchaesd when I  was 22 to complement the wine-colored bridesmaid dress I wore for my high school friends’ wedding. It was my first department store makeup purchase! I’ve actually since replaced the duo with a newer one, because it really is a perfect set to bring out the blue in my eyes. I don’t use the old one. Hmm. Maybe I will go home and chuck it, now that I think about it LOL.

Anyway, we all know that holding onto makeup too long can be unsafe if we use it. Here’s an article on the FDA’s site about why, especially for eyes. For example, the recommended shelf life of mascara is 3 months, and we have to be safer about what we put on/near our eyes. Here’s another article on shelf life and expiration on the FDA site.

Also, I recommend a visit to the FDA’s Basics page for Cosmetics, as there’s a lot of useful information – anything from animal testing to how FDA governs/guide the industry. If you’re into makeup, it’s useful to be informed!

What about you? Do you hold onto anything you know you won’t use, for sentimental reasons, or do you still have things well past their date of expiration? Share with me your old school makeup story!