My 5: Lipsticks

I love lippies. Love, love love them! When new seasonal collections come out, lipsticks and lip glosses are the first product (along with nail polish, of course!) that I want to see in new colors!

But no matter how lippie-obsessed I am, I have a few staples that I rely on for events, everyday or even just for work. This list focuses on five lipsticks that I grab for, over and over again! And trust me, some of them look it!

1. Besame Classic Color Lipstick in Red Velvet

I first learned about Besame at Cosmoprof 2012 (see that post here!), and I didn’t wait long before placing my first Besame order! Although I haven’t gotten around to many reviews on the products (I’ve been swamped!), I’m over the moon for Besame lipsticks. And Besame Red Velvet, one of my staples, is the ultimate empowering red lipstick for me.

Not only do I receive compliments on this whenever I wear it, but I knew with this I would have the confidence to make my first-ever presentation to a large group at work. I presented to about 200 people with about a half hour on the agenda. I was nervous! But I stuck to my personal style of wearing color (I wore a pretty blue dress, leopard and black patent leather heels, chunky plastic leopard necklace and rocked this red lipstick. I looked professional, yet colorful and engaging (at least, that’s how I felt!). Red Velvet and the other Besame lipsticks I’ve tried have long wearing power, are luxe and highly-pigmented. I picked mine up on the Besame website for $22. Worth every penny! Plus, this 1940s glamour-themed lipstick comes in a faux gold casing, in a little velvet bag, all tucked into an adorable box. Perfect for holiday gift-giving, if I can be so early with that!

2. Evil Shades Deviant Lipstick in Bane

Evil Shades Deviant Lipstick in Bane is my go-to pink with blue undertones. I absolutely LOVE how this lipstick looks – it’s not only great to wear for a work appropriate daytime look, but I can pair it with bolder eye looks that are similar in color scheme without looking garish, and that makes it versatile in my book! With a price tag of $4.50, and the fact that I’m also supporting one of my favorite Indie cosmetic companies, Bane is a win-win!

3. Evil Shades Deviant Lipstick in Primrose Path

Yes, you saw that right. Evil Shades shows up twice in My 5! This time, it’s Primrose Path! I really debated hard about it, but the truth is, both Bane and Primrose Path are two of my favorite lipsticks, and I own an epic ton of lipsticks. So I decided to go ahead and be true to the philosophy of My 5 (listing my top five favorites of anything!)

Primrose Path is that perfect frosty/shimmery pink for my fairer complexion that again, I can pair with bold eye looks, but wear to work. It’s like my neutral pink! I love it. Neither Primrose Path or Bane are as long-lasting as other brands on this list, but I love the formula, and the creaminess. 

4. NYX Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in Shocking Pink

NYX Comsmetics Matte Lipstick in Shocking Pink is a newer edition to my favorites list, but as soon as I wore it once, I knew that this was my go-to bold lippie. Right now, I LOVE bold lipsticks, and hot pink has become my favorite go-to for bold lips. While I love Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in Nylon, this NYX lipstick is easier to apply, and isn’t messy. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Lip Tars, but I always end up staining my fingers, even when I use a brush. Also, I can use that on top of this if I want a glossier look.

Although I never base my makeup choices off what other people say, this is another lipstick I get tons of compliments for when I wear it! I bought this lipstick at the local beauty supply shop for, I think, $5.99. It’s $6 on the NYX site, and this particular color is actually sold out! But you can find NYX at Ulta, as well. This one is another budget steal!!

5. Chanel Rouge Coco Egerie

Chanel Egerie. Oh, I think every girl should treat herself to a Chanel product at least once in her life! I don’t own many Chanel lipsticks – only two! – but this one is one of my favorite lipsticks because it’s my perfect coral/orange color! This Rouge Coco Hydrating Creme Lip Color was my first Chanel lipstick and I was impressed with its wear. I tend to use it sparingly – even though it’s a go-to and a favorite – because of the price tag – $32.50! But when I wear it, I feel a little fancier for having it in my purse. Seriously. I don’t know why, but it’s nice to have a fancy lipstick! I don’t recall where I bought this, but you can find it on the Chanel site.

Here’s swatches of all five of my favorites:

What do you think of My 5 favorite lipsticks?! What are YOUR five favorite lipsticks?! Share yours below!