Museum of Ice Cream Miami: A Sweet Treat

You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream!

Fun fact: Ice cream is my weakness. I absolutely cannot turn down a good bowl of mint chocolate chip and don’t get me started on my best friends, Ben & Jerry. So when I heard that the Insta-famous Museum of Ice Cream was coming to Miami, I was squealing with excitement. A museum that combined my love of the color pink, Insta perfect backdrops, and my favorite sweet treat? Count me in!

I’d seen so much of this place on my Instagram so I went in with high expectations. Boy, did the Museum of Ice Cream Miami not disappoint! Read on for a trip through a magical ice cream wonderland.

Getting to the Museum of Ice Cream Miami:

The Museum of Ice Cream is located on Collins Avenue, the main street of Miami Beach. This is the same road that the famous views of South Beach can be found. If you are touring the area, it’s definitely worth sticking around

The easiest way to get to the Museum of Ice Cream Miami is to drive or take an Uber.  If you are driving, there are several public parking lots nearby or you can valet your car for $25 and the corner of Collins & 33rd.

If you are staying on Miami Beach, you can take the free trolley to the Museum. The stop can be found on the Middle Loop Trolley. You can get off at 33rd or 32nd street depending on which way you are coming from.

Tickets & Times for the Museum of Ice Cream Miami:

Tickets for the Museum are $38 per a guest and children under 3 years old are free. The passes are mobile, so you don’t have to worry about losing them. However, they check IDs and at least one ID must match the name on the tickets for entry.

The best part of the Museum of Ice Cream is that you can take as long as you want exploring each floor. The Museum manages crowds by selling their tickets in time slots, allowing a certain amount of people in by the half hour.

You must enter during your time slot. They are a little lenient, allowing you to enter up to 20 minutes after your time. If your time is 1 PM, they recommend getting to the Museum between 12:45 PM – 1:20 PM.

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I’ve heard that mornings are the best time to go, as the crowds are thinner (but the temperature hotter!). I had a 6:30 PM time slot and when I arrived they were still letting in 5:30 PM guests.

The Museum only sells tickets for a limited time and once they sell out, that is it! Tickets for the Museum of Ice Cream Miami are available until April 29th. You can buy your tickets here!

Museum of Ice Cream Miami Essentials:

The Scoop:

I know, you’re all wondering when I’m going to talk about the good stuff– the ice cream! Each section or floor of the Museum comes with its own special treat. You’ll get to sample a variety of sweet treats– a delicious chocolate milkshake,  chocolate covered banana, “melted” ice cream, gummies from a yummy toppings bar, and the “Florida Special” Key Lime ice cream!

In my opinion, the key lime ice cream was the clear winner!

NOTE: Keep in mind that if you have any food allergies, this might not be the experience for you. There are no vegan, Kosher or gluten-free options and they cannot guarantee preparation in a nut-free environment.

The Museum of Ice Cream Miami Experience:

The Museum if Ice Cream is more of an experience than a Museum. Each room is immersive and interactive. You can tell that a lot of thought goes into the theming and detailing of each room. This Museum is truly a photography lovers dream.

Warning- spoilers ahead!! If you want to keep the experience a surprise, then you should probably stop reading here. If you don’t think you’ll make it to the Museum or want to learn more before you go, I’m going to detail out my experience below 🙂

When you first enter the museum, you are greeted by the Ice Cream fortune teller who helps you find your inner ice cream name and tells your future, so you can properly plan for your ice cream ~journey~. My ice cream name was Mint Chocolate Chip and some very sweet treats were in store for me!

Next is the best part– the SPRINKLE POOL! Seriously, who doesn’t dream about frolicking in a pool of sprinkles? But don’t eat the sprinkles– they are plastic and you will find them in the most unlikely places for the next few weeks.

They let guests into the pool area in groups of 10-15 and there are lockers to put your shoes and belongings. This is the only timed part of the experience. You get about 3 minutes to jump in the pool and take all of the photos that you want.

To be honest, it all feels a bit rushed but I understand why they have to keep it moving. Who wouldn’t want to hang out in a sprinkle pool for hours?

NOTE: They recently moved the sprinkle pool to the beginning of the experience, as the plastic “sprinkles” were being carried out to the beach area and polluting the ocean. Please take extra care to brush as much off as you can to protect our marine life!

Sprinkle Pool Fun at The Museum of Ice Cream

Next, you head into a fun 50s style diner, where you will find a conveyor belt delivering delicious chocolate milkshakes with pink whipped cream!

There is fun ice cream themed games on the placemats to play while you enjoy your milkshake. Be sure to shake your bunns on the way out!

My favorite part of the Museum was the attention to detail. Every single bit of the Museum is painted in fun bright colors, including a beautiful courtyard with a fun balloon sculpture.

The next room is what you would call FAN-TASTIC (…this is actually the name of the room, and I’m so glad that MOIC loves a good pun as much as I do!). The room has fun ice cream cone fan sculptures and apparently, the staff is supposed to lead you in a dance in time with the fans. We must have just missed the dance party on our visit so instead, we took some fun boomerangs!

The next room was my absolute favorite! The theme was jungle, complete with a chocolate covered banana treat to match the BANANA SWING!

This is the room that has dominated your Instagram feed for the past few months and there are just SO MANY opportunities for photos. The room is decorated with hot pink palm trees that frame the insta-famous banana swing.

Don’t miss the hidden coconut cave in this room! There are mirror coconuts on the wall that create a really cool effect for photos. The literal cherry on top is the cherry swing just before you leave the room!

The rooms after the Jungle get a bit more interactive. There is a room where you can spell out your ice cream name on the wall with magnets, in exchange for melted ice cream– basically a melted vanilla milkshake. There are also rooms where you can build pink sand castles and stack life-size licorice structures.

Lastly, the rooftop allows for beautiful views of Miami Beach and a Florida specialty– Key Lime Ice Cream!

Final Thoughts:

So time for the big question. Was it worth the $38? Did it end up being overrated?

I definitely enjoyed myself! I had a lot of fun setting up some good Instagram shots and sampling the ice cream treats. If goofy photos, sampling sweets and taking part in shenanigans is your thing, then I would certainly suggest it as a fun date night or afternoon outing.

That being said, it’s a one-and-done type situation, simply because half the experience is being delighted when you enter each room. It is a great place to bring out of town guests though and seeing it through the eyes of someone else can be just as fun!

It’s up to you, but the Museum of Ice Cream Miami will certainly add something sweet to your Miami itinerary.

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