Mr Coopers, Hospitals and Baby Showers#LittleLoves

This week has been a pretty busy week for us – so much so that this is my first post of the week!  We’ve had an overnight stay in Manchester, O away to hospital twice and an allergic reaction at 35 weeks pregnant…  It’s been all about our health this week.  So, apologies that there aren’t many photos to add to this #LittleLoves post!



O has been to the hospital this week for a follow up hearing test after the routine test at school flagged up a potential problem.  He did fabulously in Audiology clinic and the results of the test showed that he has a case of Glue Ear in his left ear.  So naturally, like any parent, I take to Google to arm myself with as much information as possible!  We’ve been recommended a piece of equipment that can help open up the affected part of the ear and help to clear the issue naturally.


I haven’t really watched anything of note yet this week.  We stayed at the Midland hotel in Manchester on Monday night as it was A’s birthday.  He needed to work in the afternoon, so I napped in the most comfortable bed, and when I awoke we stuck on the telly.  I know, it doesn’t seem like much, us watching Tipping Point and The Chase – but A was so impressed with the TV!  Not only was it a Smart TV, you could send emails from it and everything.  The remote control even had a Qwerty keyboard on the back!


We drove down to Manchester on Monday morning, knowing that we needed to be at an Awards dinner by 12 noon.  I don’t know what quite was causing it, but I was experiencing irregular contractions the whole 3-hour journey there.  A usually listens to Radio X in the car, but they were talking too much for my liking so I demanded Absolute Radio be put on instead!  Listening to music can help me to relax, but for some reason I couldn’t get the contractions to stop.  We got to the dinner, and after I’d had a decent drink and something to eat, the contractions had stopped.  Phew!


To be honest, I really don’t think I’ve made anything this week.  Even cooking dinners – my husband has done it all! I think my only contribution is sticking a pizza in the oven for tea last night…



I featured my ASOS maternity dress last week, and wore it again (don’t shame me, I don’t get out often!) to Mr Cooper’s House and Garden restaurant in the Midland Hotel on Monday evening.  A random lady gave me a lovely compliment on how nice my dress was, and it made my evening!  It’s lovely when a stranger can make a tiny effort, but leave someone smiling for hours afterwards.  Hubs wore his new Blazer by Jasper Conran, which is pretty lush.

And Lastly…

I was surprised by my wonderful family and friends on Sunday as they had organised a Baby Shower for me!  I had a great evening of laughter, games and fun with those most important to me.  Baby has been spoiled rotten already, and I even had a cake made in my favourite flavour – Coffee and Walnut!  It was a fabulous night and we all had such a great time.  It was lovely to have a good catch up with the ladies before the baby is born.