: Merry Christmas! Whats under my tree?

The day many of us have been waiting for is finally here! I hope you all have a fantastic and safe Holiday!

I feel a little embarrassed sharing this, but money has been tight for a long time but this is the first time I was not able to spend any money on gifts in the months leading up to today. I’ve been saving things all year from things people gave me, giveaway wins and a few that I bought at low clearance prices, plus some things that were sent for review are in there. My Mom also gave me some things to put in their stockings, like the toothbrushes and candy.

I know some people intentionally only give each person a small number of gifts, and I wish I had gotten my kids into that tradition when they were too young to know any better. They are used to receiving more than this, so I hope they won’t be disappointed. I know they will be getting more once we head to my Moms for dinner too though.

I guess I didn’t do too bad, especially considering that my estimate for what I spent is under $10! I didn’t even buy wrapping paper! I had a very small bit of it left from last year that I used up, and everything else went into re-used gift bags. My Mom’s gift was just in a cardboard box which she didn’t seem to be too happy about, but you are just going to rip the paper off and throw it away anyway so why does it matter? 

Here is what I put under the tree tonight:

For my 10 year old:

Kingdom Hearts PSP game, prints, magnets, & postcards (giveaway win)

Cuponk Hasbro Game (



toothbrush (Mom purchased)

random candies/chocolates (Mom purchased)

For my 9 year old:

Spin Master Hawk Eye RC Video Helicopter (giveaway win)

Zibits (giveaway win/



toothbrush (Mom purchased)

random candies/chocolates (Mom purchased)

For both boys:

Hasbro U Build It Battleship (from sister in law)

Nerf Dart Gun set (Gifted to me)

For my 6 year old:

Squinkies Teapot Playset & Bubble Pack (giveaway win/



Curious George soundtrack (giveaway win)

book, Hayseeds Last Race (giveaway win)

Madeline on DVD (giveaway win)

Spinbrush My Way toothbrush (Review)

Quagmire color changing shirt (



Polly Pocket DVD (from sister in law)

random candies/chocolates (Mom purchased)

For my toddler:

Couple of My Little Pony Newborn Cuties (purchased for approx $2 ea.)

Anywhere Collection stainless steel dishes (giveaway win)

Baby Genius Whack a Ball Maze & Underwater DVD  (giveaway win)

two Wubzy DVDs (giveaway win)

toothbrush (Mom purchased)

For Both Girls:

Littlest Pet Shop Playset & figures (Gifted to me & purchased figures for approx $2 ea)

For myself:

Anne Geddes Book (giveaway win)

Glittersniffer eye makeup (giveaway win)

Reindeer Iron Candle Holder  (giveaway win)

Labeled as to the Family:

Beamz Player (



For My Mom:

Scentsy warmer + scent bricks (giveaway win)

For my sister in law:

Dream Griddle Prank Pack (


) which contained some goodies from Eden Fantasys that I had received for free with their recent Facebook Friends promotion. She had insisted that I not bring her a gift, but didn’t mind when I told her I was given these items. Plus, I just had to see her face both when she saw the Prank Pack and the gifts. It was great!

I’ve got some gift card purchases I am planning to make through CSN stores, but need to wait until next week since the GC’s don’t cover Canadian shipping so they will be late gifts or possibly saved for the boys Birthdays.

My gift from my Mom was a new coffee maker, but she already gave it to me since mine was broken. My sister in law gifted me her jacket today after I commented that I liked it so very happy about that too since a coffee maker and a jacket were the two things I needed the most!


I’m not officially taking a break for the Holidays and will continue posting my reviews but I am holding my giveaways off until after the New Year. Be sure to check out my reviews since I will be posting extra entries and giveaway announcements in them!