Memoria Press Review by Darla: First Form Latin

This is a no-nonsense approach to Latin. That can be a real breath of fresh air if your student is ready for serious Latin study or is a bit older. I am using this with a ten year old and an almost fourteen year old. Both are learning Latin for the first time, and both are appropriately challenged.

I wish I could say my kids love learning Latin, but that would be an exaggeration. It’s work and not really all that fun. I enjoy teaching it with this program though. Each lesson is a two-page spread in the textbook and looks deceptively simple. I recommend quizzing and reinforcing the lessons using the suggestions in the teacher’s guide because there is more here than meets the eye. Also, do not skip any part of the workbook pages. It’s not busy work.

It can’t be all bad. She’s smiling:



I sincerely appreciate that this is a program that does not attempt to entertain. It’s not what I would call “dry”, but it is business-like. They get into verb conjugations in Lesson 1, and there are ten verbs to conjugate right away. Learning Latin is work, and my kids and I are benefiting from working on it together. We have made attempts in the past, but this is the furthest we’ve gotten in the shortest period of time. This approach clearly works for us.

Memoria Press provided me with DVDs, a student textbook, a workbook, pronunciation CD, the teacher’s edition, answer keys, and flash cards. It might seem as if using both CDs and DVDs would be redundant, but they really contain different material and he goes much slower explaining the pronunciation on the CDs. Pronunciation in this program is loosely based on Ecclesiastical. All the items I received are very useful. I also purchased the wall charts at a later date.

I love how the DVD teacher explains things thoroughly. He is even a bit entertaining! My kids loved his explanation of 2nd person plural (y’all).


The lessons are just long enough, and the workbook pages are very well done for getting in the right amount of the right kind of practice.

I very much look forward to seeing how my kids do upon completion of First Form Latin and already plan to move at least one of them on to Second Form after this.

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by Darla

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