Memoria Press Review by Amy Rose: Traditional Logic I

My ninth grader and I reviewed Traditional Logic I which was written by Martin Cothran and published by Memoria Press. We received the textbook, answer key, quizzes and exams book, and DVD. These can all be purchased as a packaged set for $75, or without the DVD for $38. Some families do not require the DVD lessons, but my child found them to be very helpful so I do recommend them for audio learners and kinesthetic learners like him.

This course can easily be completed in a semester. My son studied one lesson per week. He chose to repeat three or four lessons when, upon beginning the next lesson, he realized  he hadn’t grasped the concepts perfectly enough to go on. As a parent and educator I was really impressed that he was able to self-assess his readiness for the next lesson correctly due to the clear presentation of concepts. He knew whether he’d “got it” or not!

The Quizzes and Exams were not as helpful to me as they might be to some because my son prefers to explain his lessons to me at the white board as a way to solidify his learning. If we were short on time I skipped the tests because I already knew that he had learned the material. For a less communicative student, or for a family who needs to utilize exams as a means of determining a letter grade for the course, the Quizzes and Exams would be invaluable. I recommend purchasing them as part of the program.

I asked my son what he would say about these materials and whether he would recommend them for other classical students. He and I agree that we would both recommend this course. Here are his comments:

“Traditional Logic I does a good job explaining the mental processes associated with a logical argument. The lessons progress rationally through the parts of an argument and explain the relationships of those parts to each other. The complex and challenging ideas are presented precisely and thoroughly in the text, and the DVD lessons help to clarify even further. As I believe the author intended, the student’s difficulty with this course comes not from comprehending the material but from wrestling with the challenge to think in new and different ways. Graphics and charts helpfully explain concepts. Drill and repetition are utilized, not to promote memorization, but rather to encourage realignment to more logical thought processes. Logic becomes a normal part of everyday thought even if the student sometimes forgets the specific names for the parts of the argument.”

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Disclaimer:  I received a free copy of this product in exchange for my honest review on the Sandbox to Socrates blog. Opinions expressed in this review are the opinions of myself or my family and do not necessarily reflect those of the Sandbox to Socrates blog. I received no compensation for this review, nor was I required to write a positive review. This disclosure is in accordance with the FTC Regulations.
Amy Rose–Amy Rose was a middle child growing up in a trailer park in the Midwest with talented parents who struggled financially. Her future life was easy to imagine until one magical day when she was thirteen her fairy godmother gave her a box of oil pastels and a vintage textbook titled, “England in Literature.” Suddenly the entire wealth of riches found in the history of the West became to her a Holy Grail.  So she grew up and learned how to classically educate her own children who all turned out to be geniuses or at least mostly teachable.

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