Meal Planning Monday 29/2016

What a lovely week and weekend we had!  On Thursday, we attended O’s first sports day at school and cheered him on from the sidelines.  Q was an absolute angel in his pram the whole time, and O tried his very best in all the races.  He cheered on his teammates in each of the relay races, climbing under parachutes and jumping over hurdles.  His favourite race was the marathon at the end of the games – the Infants years ran a lap around half of the field, and the older children ran a a lap or 2 of the entire field!  I wouldn’t like to have a go at that!  All the children tried their best and, as a cherry on the top, O’s team won!

On Friday, he got to go on his re-arranged team point trip to Keswick and it rained again.  Poor kids got a bit wet but the teachers had organised a wet weather alternative of going to see “The Secret Life of Pets” at the cinema.  O said that he had a really good day and enjoyed himself, which is what it’s all about.

Saturday, O was up and about from 5am…  Not good.  He went to football practice on Saturday morning and was so tired when he came home.  We had to drag him out the house to go to one of the local carnivals, but he had such a good time once the parade started.  One of his school friends was stood close by so they played and watched much of the carnival together.  We saw our eldest niece taking part for the first time which was lovely – she loved every second and waved like a mad woman when she spotted us in the crowds.

After the carnival, we walked over to a nearby field where there were fairground rides set up for the children.  O had such a good time – won a can of silly string, which was hilarious in itself, and particularly enjoyed the ride on the teacups.  There were roundabouts, inflatable slides and a bouncy castle, as well as the traditional hook-a-duck and grab machines.  £15 later, we returned home to a gorgeous Italian dinner that hubs had made for us and his parents.  Homemade meatballs in a fresh tomato sauce, homemade tagliatelle and a loaf of homemade focaccia bread with olives.  It was absolutely divine.

This is O’s final week (well, half-week) at school before breaking up for the summer so I’m making the most of my time with just one child at home…  I’ve got a nail appointment booked and lunch out with hubs and a couple of friends!  I am really looking forward to spending lots of time with my biggest boy over the summer though – he’s very keen to develop his skills in the kitchen so I’ll put that to good use!  We’ve also invested in a marble reward jar to help to keep his behaviour on the good side.  He’s been testing his limits lately and as he hasn’t had any major consequences for his actions, it can only come as a marked improvement.

So, this week we’re having…

Monday – Spanish Chicken bake

Tuesday – Fishfingers, chips and spaghetti hoops (hubs is away overnight – easy tea!)

Wednesday – Morrocan-style chicken with roasted vegetable cous cous

Thursday – Chilli (freezer)

Friday – Steak with jacket potato and vegetables

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