LVX Fall Winter 2022 Collection

Polish newcomer LVX (pronounced lux) is back with its sophomore collection, Fall Winter 2012!

At a glance, this collection strikes me as a colorful medley that was careful chosen to offer winter staples, not necessarily break color ground. How about some swatches?!

After the review, check out the brand’s upcoming Winter Resort 2013 collection, and new 3-in-1 treatment.


Greige is exactly what it sounds like – grey and beige! This color gained popularity a couple years ago, and has become a neutral staple. LVX’s Greige is shown here in two coats.


Legendaire is a muted, greyed-out lilac. LVX suggests pairing this manicure with fashionable red and green threads, or navy for a classic look. It’s shown here in two coats.


Koko is like brown liquid leather…melted chocolate. It’s just a beautiful brown cr,eme. I’ve used two coats here.


Sanguine is a crimson red creme. Shown here in two coats, LVX says Sanguine shows strength and drama while maintaining the passion of the color red, making Sanguine a classic pick for the season.


Midori is a vibrant chartreuse creme. LVX describes Midori as a muted neon green, and the brand’s attempt to carry over and build on its summer palette in fall and winter. I’ve swatched it in two coats – I received a lot of compliments on this color when I wore it!


Prussian is a beautiful blue-green teal creme. This is one to hold onto for Teal Toes support! My swatch is two coats.

The LVX brush is wide, and the length of the handle/brush is shorter, which I like for control. I continue to be impressed by the LVX formula, which is opaque in two coats, and glides on easily.

LVX’s mission in creating colors and collections is to offer a palette that suits that particular season’s runways and fashion. While I might not consider these colors especially ground-breaking or original – I must note that my favorites are Midori, Prussian and Koko! – the brand is establishing itself. I think it’s useful for brands to create staples like Greige and Legendaire, but I also love luxe colors like Prussian and Midori as treats.

This is the second collection from LVX, and so far they’ve done cremes. On Monday, the brand released a look at their third collection, Winter Resort 2013, available December 7:

(Photo from LVX)

Here’s the shade descriptions:

  • Tribute: This hue provides us with serenity and tranquility. This particular blue is extremely appealing because of its energetic attitude and texture.
  • Luxe: Brilliant, extravagant and luxurious, luxe embodies all that is LVX. This quintessential shade is versatile and adaptable and enlivens our outlook with its stimulating radiance.
  • Alchemy: Let this amazing shade eradicate the dark shades in your winter wardrobe. Alchemy is a flamboyant hue that pays homage to last Summer’s gold accessory trend.
  • Aubergine: This affluent royal hue provides us with a mysterious and romantic attitude. This refined purple is both delicate and empowering.
  • Dark Matter: A highly saturated gray with multifaceted undertones, Dark Matter is this season’s new gray and our alternative to black.
  • Creamfields: A sophisticated neutral with a soft peach nuance, this wispy hue pairs well with every color in the palette and will span across the seasons.

I’m excited to see some shimmers in the above collection; I was wondering if LVX was going to stick to cremes or branch out as it grew.

Also, the brand recently announced its first vegan and five-free “3 in 1” nail treatment. A nail strengthener, base coat and high shine topcoat–here is how LVX describes it: 

·      Provides intensive treatment and will help nails become noticeably stronger within 2 weeks
·      The nail strengthening property promotes nail growth, conditions and helps normalize the natural nail plate to promote strong and healthy nails
·      The treatment contains horsetail, a healing herb rich in nutrients and high in silica, proven to help natural nails grow faster and stronger
·      As a basecoat it prepares the nail surface for optimum nail lacquer application
·      The formula contains incredible adhesion properties that improve nail lacquer wear
·      It protects the nail surface from staining by creating a barrier and smoothes minor surface imperfections
·      Provides an extremely high shine finish
·      Maximizes the wear characteristics of nail lacquer
·      The clear shield provides a bright transparent color enhancer
·      The treatment provides a reinforcement and protects nails 

LVX polishes are $16 through the LVX site. Have you tried LVX? Do you see anything in the fall winter collection that piques your interest?! What about that Winter Resort 2013 collection Share your thoughts below!

Disclaimer: The LVX Fall Winter Collection was sent to me for review by the PR Firm/Manufacturer/e-tailer. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how keeps it real!