List of Cruelty-Free Makeup Brushes at Superdrug

When I was writing my last post (a list of cruelty-free/not-cruelty-free brands available at Superdrug) I found myself getting a little carried away researching all of the brands available. It’s so useful being able to whip out a simple list, instead of having to search each individual brand for their cruelty free policies and vegan lists! (The amount of time I’ve spent lurking in Superdrug frantically Googling is insane). On top of that, makeup brushes often don’t say on the packet whether or not they’re synthetic. Like I mentioned, I’m planning on writing up lists for other big shops in Britain; there are loads of amazing sites with lists like this for American stores, but not so many for the UK. I’m also planning on going into which products from these brands are vegan… but one thing at time!

Anyway, what was I talking about..? I was planning on spreading these posts out a little amongst the usual things I write about, but getting carried away with my research leant to an easy post and I’ve been pretty busy lately.

I’ll quickly recap; to be completely cruelty-free, a brand should:

  1. not conduct any animal testing
  2. not have any other companies test on their behalf
  3. ensure that their raw ingredients aren’t tested on animals
  4. refuse to sell their products in Mainland China, due to their testing policies

Brushes are also a bit different; there can be a slight overlap in meanings. Even if a brand complies with all of the above, if they use animal hair to make their brushes, I wouldn’t consider that cruelty free. (Really, I don’t consider anything cruelty free unless it’s totally vegan but that’s a whole ‘nother rabbit whole.)

In the lists below, all of the brands listed under “Cruelty Free” make completely vegan brushes (but that’s not to say all of their products are vegan). In the “Not Cruelty Free” list, either the brand itself isn’t cruelty-free, or they use animal hair to make their makeup brushes.

I’m just going from their website, but as far as I’m aware I’ve covered every brand currently selling makeup brushes and tools at Superdrug (as of June 2018).

Cruelty Free


This is Superdrug’s latest brand, and everything they sell is completely cruelty-free and vegan! They do some really nice brushes, but they also have a full makeup and skincare range, and everything is Leaping Bunny Certified.

Barry M

Barry M are affiliated with the Be Cruelty Free campaign run by the Humane Society, and have some really lovely looking brushes. They also tag all of their vegan products with a little green symbol next to the ingredients, which is really useful!

Bleach London

Since 2017 all of Bleach London’s products have been completely vegan. All of their cardboard is recycled, and there’s a note on their website stating that they want to use 100% recycled plastic by next year, too!

Eco Tools

These are my favourite makeup brushes ever. I don’t even know where to start! They’re all made from recycled materials and have bamboo handles, which is a super sustainable material. Their packaging is “tree free”, made totally from plants, and they’re really affordable (especially when you manage to nab some from TK Maxx). They’ve started bringing out hairbrushes and shower products recently, too, which I can’t wait to get my hands on!


As far as I’m aware, e.l.f were one of the first all-vegan makeup brands and they have many more brushes than are available at Superdrug. I also own their makeup brush cleaning glove, which is super useful!


I haven’t tried any of these brushes yet, but I really do want to. Their amazing vegan foundation is probably my favourite ever (oh, and don’t forget the total obsession I used to have with their liquid matt lips)

Lottie London

Again, I haven’t tried any of Lottie London’s brushes, but I had a sneak peak online and they are truly beautiful! (Just researching these posts is making me want to spend all of my money)

Real Techniques

One of the most popular makeup brush brands, I am so glad these are synthetic and totally cruelty free. Loads of people think these are the absolute holy grail, and I’d be inclined to agree!

Revolution & Freedom Makeup

Weirdly, when I went onto the Revolution makeup site and searched for vegan products, their brushes didn’t show up – I tried several different ways, but their website definitely didn’t seem to think they were! Knowing how many other vegan products they do I decided to send them a quick email just to be sure, and sure enough they replied to confirm all of their brushes are synthetic. Odd, but now we know!

Studio London

It took me a minute to work this out, but Studio London are actually a Superdrug own brand, which means they’ll certainly be cruelty free. I checked, just to be sure, and they’re definitely synthetic.


Again, Superdrug’s own brand is for sure cruelty-free and made of synthetic materials. I haven’t tried them, but they’re probably the most budget-friendly of them all!

NOT Cruelty Free


Know Cosmetics (This is a weird one, but the cruelty free claim on their website seems vague in a way that suggests they sell in China and don’t want us to know about it. So, I emailed them and got an automated response promising me a reply within 24 hours… Another email and a week later, I still haven’t received a response so I’m assuming they’re not ready to class themselves as cruelty-free. In my cruelty-free makeup brands at Superdrug post, I’ve moved them from “unknown” to “not cruelty free”)


Miss Sporty


Flawless Nature

Every time I tried to find information about this brand online I was simply directed to the Superdrug website, which has a very limited amount of information. If anyone has any more information, do let me know!

The Balm

The Balm is definitely a cruelty-free brand with vegan options, but there’s nothing on their website about what their brushes are made from. I have contacted them, but haven’t received a response.

Have you tried any of these brands? Let me know!