Lise Watier Enters the United States

There’s a new makeup company in the United States, but it’s defiintely not new in the industry!

Lise Watier Cosmetiques has been around for 40 years, the brain child of Lise Watier, or Madame Watier, who opened the Lise Watier Institute in 1968 after a career in television. While running her own show on Canadian television, she had become Quebec’s leading voice on women’s issues and concerns, and women were constantly reaching out to her for advice. She created the institute as a beauty and charm school to teach personal growth, grooming, etiquette and makeup, according to the U.S. company website.

It wasn’t too long before Madame Watier went further, and turned her dissatisfaction with available beauty products into creativity for new products that would meet her own standards. Lise Watier Cosmetiques was born.

Flash forward through many advances in ingredient and product development – Madame Watier was among the first who promoted the cosmetic benefits of aloe vera, for example – and in late 2012, the brand officially made entrance into the U.S. market.

I was delighted when they reached out to me as they continued to celebrate this new milestone for the company. I’d heard about the brand from a few bloggers I follow who were invited to the brand’s launch, and while they were there, I enjoyed their photos on social media – particularly the swatches they posted of the brand’s eyeliners!

Anyway, Lise Watier sent me a Haute Couleur Full Coverage Lip Lacquer and Portfolio Professional Correctors wheel to try, which I spent some time playing with and using last month. How about some swatches and reviews!?

Haute Couleur Full Coverage Lip Lacquer in Ooh La La!

The first thing I noticed about Ooh La La! was the packaging. It’s sturdy and classic. Then I opened it up.

Can you see it?!

It’s got an LED light! Perfect for nighttime applications! It’s got a companion mirror on the opposite side of the tube from the logo!

Check out the applicator:

A bit of an elongated doe-shaped paddle, it offers good control.

Check out the beautiful color:

Reminds me of Nars Orgasm a little bit.

And here’s what it’s made of:

Here’s what it looked like on my lips:

And here’s my big happy smile at how perfect it was for my face:

This lip gloss is great – it’s nonsticky, and it lasts for hours. I applied it in the mornings before work, and it lasted well into the morning. I touched up for meetings and after lunch, of course!

It smells very pleasant, slightly perfumy but sweet at the same time. It feels soft and moisturizing. Haute Couleur Full Coverage Lip Lacquer comes in 10 shades, and can be found here on the site for $22 a piece.

Portfolio Professional Correctors

The Portfolio Professional Correctors wheel includes five shades that each have a purpose in helping us achieve flawless skin:

  • Green is to counteract redness
  • Lilac brightens complexion
  • Brown sculpts and defines
  • Yellow beige hides blue veins and dark circles
  • Ivory hides and softens dark circles

Here’s the ingredients:

I used the wheel to brighten my skin, and the area under my eyes. I wouldn’t say I struggle with dark circles, but they can always use a little brightening and evening!

That’s after application. I used the Lilac first, then the Ivory, because my skin is fair and I felt these would blend in well with my foundation.

Here’s the finished look! It was my Christmas Day face:

 I had a very natural under eye look!

Oh, and heres a photo of me goofing off while taking photos, because Mike was also in the room:

 You can find the Portfolio Professional Correctors wheel for sale here on the site, it retails for $31.

Overall, I’m impressed with what I’ve tried from Lise Watier, and I’m happy to give this cosmetic company a shot! If you have a chance to read the whole story about the brand and its philosophy, I recommend it. You know me – I love a good story!

Did you like Ooh La La!? Intrigued by the corrector wheel? See anything on the site that piques your interest?! I’d love to hear your thoughts on this new-to-U.S. brand!

Disclaimer: The Lise Watier products featured in this post were provided to me for review by PR Firm/Manufacturer. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how keeps it real!