Let the Madness Begin!

airplane over california

I think I mentioned a few weeks ago that this is the longest I’ve been at home (in Port Moody with zero travel) since I moved to Vancouver back in May, and that I was starting to feel a little restless. Well, the saying must be true – be careful what you wish for – because my extended time at home (a whopping 8 weeks) is coming to an end on Saturday.

Here’s what my schedule looks like for the next 6 weeks:

February 22 – March 2: Victoria

I’ll be up and out the door by no later than 5:30am on Saturday, to catch the 7am ferry to Victoria. That weekend, I’ll be helping throw a bridal shower, as well as celebrating Baby Sis’ 20th birthday (which was yesterday!). I’m going to stay all week, to visit with family and friends, including one friend who is coming home from Winnipeg for a week. I can’t wait to see everyone!

March 2 – March 14: Home

When I return home, it won’t quite be business as usual. My boss is coming to Vancouver for a couple days! It’ll be great to have her here, even if only for a quick visit. After that, I’ll need to squeeze in some treatments, as well as visits with a few friends here, before I take off for 3 whole weeks…

March 14 – March 19: Victoria

I’ll be heading back over to Victoria for a few days to do some more wedding stuff. If you remember, I was worried I’d have to pay for two trips to Victoria in March (not including the one listed above). Fortunately, my boss agreed to let me fly in/out of Victoria for my next trip to Toronto for work (listed below), so I’ll be leaving my car at my parents’ house – successfully avoiding another $140 roundtrip on the ferry.

March 20 – March 27: Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Here’s the exciting part: On the 19th, I’m taking a red-eye flight to Toronto, where I’ll be catching a connecting flight to Puerto Plata! My boss and I have long been talking about going to Hawaii for a workcation, but the price was right for a week in Cabarete (my flight was only $367!) so that’s where we are going instead. As it turns out, I’m going to enjoy some of that extra money I earned recently… woo hoo!

March 27 – April 3: Toronto

The only tough part about that trip is that I’ll need to pack for both hot and cold weather! On the 27th, we’re all flying back to Toronto, where I’m going to stay and work at our head office for a week. I’m crossing all my fingers and toes that the snow is gone by then, but I’m preparing myself for the fact that my suitcase will likely be filled with both flip flops and winter boots.

April 3 – April 6: Victoria

On the 3rd, I’m flying back to Victoria, where I’ll stay for another weekend of wedding stuff. And then I can only imagine I will be all too excited to get back on that ferry, and home to my own bed, after 3 weeks away…

I’m surprisingly not worried about whether or not my budget can keep up with all of this, because travelling for work is free and I am now saving on the ferry costs of one of my trips to Victoria. But I still need to work out some of the numbers, file my taxes and see how much money I can put into savings. Anyway, it’s time to soak up my last few days at home, before the madness begins!

Do you have any trips planned in the next few months?