Learning How to Juggle

Holy cow, the last few weeks have been intense. First, I was accepted into and started fundraising for my spot in the Bold Academy. Then I finished paying off my credit card debt. After that, I finally shared this blog with my family and friends. And then I found out I was up for the Best Personal Blog West Coast Social Media Award!

On top of everything, I’ve been meeting with potential sponsors for my #GoingBold opportunity, as well as managing to submit all of my homework assignments… mostly on time. And I can’t forget that I was housesitting for a month, then moved home, and am now trying to get back into my normal routine.

Only, it seems that I don’t have time for a routine anymore. With every new email in my inbox, and text or call from family and friends, I’m saying yes to things I used to say no to and am constantly on-the-go. While I’m managing to get all my work done, and still do everything I want to for fun, I’d be lying if I said my brain wasn’t frazzled!

In an effort to stay on-track without losing my mind, I’m finally understanding some of the simple lessons my favourite bloggers have been writing about for years. Here are a few of the things I’m doing (or trying to do) to help me juggle everything:

Say Yes More
Lately, I’ve been thinking about how many things I used to say no to, simply because I didn’t think I could ever do them. Forcing myself to say yes in some of these moments now not only challenges me to try new things but has opened a few doors. And, if I’m being totally honest, saying yes just feels good!

Say No More, As Well
I’m also learning how to keep my top goals and priorities in mind, when making any decision. While saying yes feels great, I’m starting to understand which doors are worth opening and which are best left closed. I’m also busy enough that I need to decide what I can and cannot take on and be content with my decisions.

Stop Procrastinating
I’ve always been a huge procrastinator. HUGE! I’m known for soaking dishes for hours before finally washing them and fluffing dry loads of laundry a few times before folding it and putting it away. Recently, I’ve started doing everything as soon as I think of it. Cleaning, prepping, writing… If it comes to mind, I do it.

Start Living
I recently came to the conclusion that I’ve been somewhat depressed for the last few years. I used excuses to get out of everything, including taking care of my own well-being, so I could waste hours, days and weeks on the couch. While I still love my downtime, I’m on the couch about 50% less than I was before and am spending that extra time at the gym or out with family or friends.

I’m starting to understand why people have such a hard time juggling work, life and fun! I want to do almost everything that has been presented to me recently but there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

How do you juggle multiple goals and priorities?

PS – The West Coast Social Media Awards are June 8th and I’m up for Best Personal Blog! Being nominated is exciting but winning would make my blog and message that much more public. I’d love your vote, today and everyday until May 14th.