Laughter is Catching

I’ve been coming to San Diego for years, and there is so much I like to do when I’m here. Places I like to eat (although I always feel sad when I come back and my favourites have closed), people I like to see and things I like to do, so I thought I would share them.

You won’t find SeaWorld or the San Diego Zoo on my list – these are the alternative, non touristy attractions. Don’t get me wrong, if you are travelling with kids or it’s your first time to the area then they are well worth doing, but in my opinion they just have a sad feel about them. I especially hate that the killer whales have so little space, and if you have seen Blackfish (on Netflix) you might understand.

So here are my five favourite things to do when I’m here, in no particular order as I love them all!

One / Point Loma, Cabrillo National Park and Rosecrans

About a forty minute drive north, Point Loma is absolutely beautiful. You can see over to Tijuana in the south, and it has a really relaxed vibe about it. visit the National Park and take a trip up the lighthouse, as well as stopping into the tiny museum telling you all about Cabrillo and his discovery of San Diego (not sure how a place can be discovered when there are already people there, but OK).