Laughter is Catching

14) Get fit enough to run 10k.

15) Visit Iceland and see the Northern Lights – this is booked and paid for for November!

16) Learn how to make cocktails ✔ We had tons of fun this summer at Battersea Power Station, read more here.

17) Walk the Inca Trail in Peru.

18) Do something for someone less fortunate ✔ In New York I bought a $20 Shake Shack voucher for a homeless man. He cried, I cried, but I want to, and will, do more.

19) Go grape stomping in a winery.

20) Take a surf lesson ✔ Check and check, went through that pain on one of my trips to San Diego.

21) See the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower and the Bridge of Sighs in Venice ✔ All done, but went to Venice as a child and would love to go again.

22) Stay in a treehouse.

23) Have savings.

24) Get another tattoo.

25) Visit one of my nearest and dearest in Hong Kong.

26) Learn how to and successfully knit something.

27) Learn to make French macarons ✔

28) Ride a motorbike.

29) Carve a pumpkin so it actually looks like something.

30) Live life with purpose.